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Ladies, Here’s How to Keep your Wardrobe Chic and Organised!

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The appearance of a woman’s wardrobe can be misleading when it comes to looking organised. You read it right, misleading. A pile of stacked clothes with a combination of various materials, types, and even accessories can make the almirah look messy. Sorting out clothes, shoes, and jewelry could pose to be a mammoth affair, but you’re only a few taps away from redoing your closet in style, and get easy access to everything inside!

Separating the clothes

You definitely don’t want the kurtas and skirts tumbled together in a pile, this is why you need to start planning for space. Section each area of your wardrobe and assign spaces for the different kinds of clothes. Here are a few options you could try.

  • Segregate the clothes based on colors. You could arrange similar colors together or group them further into same-colored Indian/western outfits.
  • Have a section each for casual, formal, and nightwear.
  • Jeans, trousers, and kurta pants can be assigned to one section of the almirah.
  • Tops, dresses, and informal blouses can occupy another section.
  • Sarees are best paired with their blouses and can be hung inside cupboards.
  • Salwar suits should be folded and kept along with their matching shawls, so as to avoid misplacement.
  • Scarves, coats, and blazers can be hung inside the cupboard.
  • Keep a separate division for undergarments alone. Assemble it based on usage.

As an extra tip, place the clothes you wear regularly on top, while the infrequently used ones can be placed below.

Shoes, Jewellery, and Accessories 

Don’t just end it there with the clothes. A neatly organised wardrobe comprises everything that accompanies your outfit. So, where do all the other elements of your closet go?

  • Shoes and slippers should be assembled in pairs, and placed on pullout shoe racks or hinge type racks. Leave a little space in between pairs so as to make them look less messy.
  • Handbags, shoulder bags, totes, and sling bags can be hung on organisers like wardrobe stands. As a precautionary measure, keep it away from too much sunlight as it could damage leather goods if any.
  • Arrange jewelry (including watches) in boxes or consider keeping bangles and earrings separately. Bangle stands and earring holders are available in stores, so if you are a jewelry lover, you could invest in a few accessory organisers.
  • Make-up and hair accessories can be arranged close to the mirror. This will make it easier for you to grasp it at ease.

Additionally, storage containers can be used to stack up unwanted items that clutter your closet. Hangers are an essential part of all neat cupboards. Use them to hang clothes or belts. Furthermore, to make it look more organised, keep the hangers with clothes facing the same direction.

Keep old or tattered clothes in labeled boxes, so as to reuse or recycle. Old scarves, belts, sports equipment, eyewear, neckties, and face masks are accessories that tend to take up the nooks of women’s wardrobes. Usually, the smaller items are hard to organise and hence make the wardrobe look muddled. Remember to always remove the unwanted pieces while arranging your cupboard.

Every woman has a different lifestyle, so does her wardrobe. It may not be possible to accommodate all the necessities into a small space. Hence, carefully planning out space and incorporating your own ideas could result in a comfortable wardrobe approach. [

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