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Kitchen Countertop Edges 101: All You Need to Know

Things to consider when you want to maintain an ‘edge’ over the rest!

Until you actually begin taking an interest and getting involved in the kitchen design, remodel or renovation process, it is quite easy to overlook just how many details go into creating the perfect kitchen. One of these details happens to be the kitchen countertop edges. 

Kitchen countertops themselves come in so many different materials ranging from the commonly seen granite and quartz to the premium Corian and ceramic countertops which can significantly raise the aesthetics (and kitchen prices too)! There are both single molding and double molding varieties available when it comes to countertops too. 

Did you know that there are 20+ types of kitchen countertop edges to choose from? Let’s take a look at the form of all the different edge types available:

Simple kitchen countertop edges with defined lines and angles- 

These options are the ones that are commonly spotted and are considerably easier to clean and maintain due to their defined profiles. They are preferred in modern and futuristic styles of kitchens. 

1.Straight Edge 

Contemporary style offering clean lines and angles, making it versatile when it comes to adapting to different kitchen designs especially modern modular kitchens. This is one of the most commonly spotted designs of countertop edges and suits most materials and thickness of countertops. While it remains a straight edge, it must be noted that there is just a slight rounding of the edges to prevent damages and injuries. 

2. ¼ Bevel Edge 

The contemporary design of kitchen countertop edge whose pointed bevel edge lends clean lines to overall kitchen design. This lends a dimension of shape, but while using clean lines. This matches all countertop materials, too. 

3. ½ Bevel Edge 

A variation of the above with a more dramatic beveled edge. This type of countertop proves to be protective of the lower kitchen cabinets as water can flow off without contact, making it a functional and aesthetically-pleasing choice, all at once. 

4. Bevel Top & Bottom 

Suave and stylish with defined angles, this variation of countertop edge has a 45° angle on both its upper and lower edges. It highlights the material it is set in beautifully, no matter what it is. 

5. 1” Bevel

This is a dramatic and highly tapered style of edge featuring an elongated slope of a 1” bevel. This is the most preferred choice of edge for kitchen islands. They share the functionality of other beveled variations in protecting the lower cabinets from water damage. 

Simple kitchen countertop edges that are rounded-

The rounded edge is reminiscent of traditional styles and would suit a vintage style of kitchen. These options are easy to clean owing to their profile and lack of grooves. They are generally preferred for high-traffic areas when compared to the angled alternatives to prevent unwanted injuries. 

6. ¼ Round Edge 

Simplistic in nature, this ¼ round edge is a popular choice in most kitchens. Its curve gives the illusion of increased thickness of the kitchen countertop. 

7. Round Top & Bottom

With a ¼ rounded cut from both the top and bottom, this countertop edge offers some definition with subtlety. 

8. ½ Bullnose 

With a slight curve on the countertop edge’s upper surface and boasting a straight edge on the bottom, the ½ Bullnose edge allows water to slide off counters without affecting lower cabinets. This style also draws attention to the slab thickness. 

9. Full Bullnose 

The ultimate rounded edge featuring curves from both the top and the bottom. It lends a beautiful timeless appearance to the kitchen and is free of any sharp corners. 

10. Demi Bullnose 

Flat on the bottom portion with a curve going back a little farther on the countertop than other variations is the demi bullnose style. It is aesthetic and functional- it keeps water from touching the lower cabinets in the event of a spill.

Intricate kitchen countertop edges-

While these kitchen countertop options look very beautiful owing to the level of detail they possess, their intricate grooves and ridges make them harder to clean and maintain. 

The basic variations of these intricate edges include: 

11. Dupont 

12. Ogee

13. Waterfall

14. Double Bullnose

15. Cove

16. Stair Tread

17. Platner

18. Crescent

19. Chiselled

20. Rope

A combination of a few of these variations create more intricate edges like the Cove Dupont, Ogee Bull and Cove Ogee. 

Which one is your favourite? Reach out to Bespoke Decor and let us know! 

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