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Keeping it True with False Ceiling Designs in Modular Kitchens

Kitchen Been Designed In The Wrong Way

For a top-to-bottom kitchen makeover, a beautiful false ceiling design for the kitchen is mandatory!

When people think of kitchen makeovers, the priorities remain on the base and wall cabinets, countertops, appliances, and to an extent, the kitchen walls. One aspect of a top-to-bottom kitchen makeover frequently overlooked is the ceiling for your kitchen

A false ceiling is a fitted ceiling mounted a minimum of 8 inches away from the original ceiling. It has become commonplace in home interiors today especially in living spaces and bedrooms. However, a frontier that remains largely unexplored is the false ceiling design for the kitchen and there are some implications and subtle differences of a false ceiling in a kitchen when compared to another spot in the house, which only an expert could guide you on.

Considerations before you splurge on a false ceiling for your kitchen

Before you get to installing a false ceiling for your kitchen, read this guide to make sure that it will work out well for your space: 

  • Make sure that there is enough of a height allowance to install a false ceiling that will not encroach into your space and make it look more cramped. There are some false ceiling designs and materials to stay away from like POP if you have a small kitchen to start off with. 
  • Make sure that you have finalized all the lighting in your kitchen. With a false ceiling, you can easily conceal this wiring and ensure even better aesthetics. 
  • AC ducts, piping, and other electrical wires can also be concealed using a false ceiling, so make sure that all these are in place and permanently agreed upon before you begin. 
  • In case of fire hazards, given that the kitchen is a zone prone to this variety of accident, choose a false ceiling material that can retard fire propagation.
  • Use a material that does not stain easily from the smoke or dust in a kitchen. Options for this would include glass materials. 

Materials used for false ceilings in the kitchen

There are a variety of materials that are suited to be used as false ceilings for kitchens. The most popular options include: 

  • Gypsum 

The gypsum false ceiling is one of the most lightweight options of all and is the most economical of all the varieties, making it a popular choice in the Indian market. They are a reliable option too as they are rather smooth and fire and moisture-resistant. Being ready to use in the form of gypsum boards, they can be suspended off the ‘true ceiling’ with iron or wood before they receive a coat of paint. They can be even elevated to a glossy finish and are highly customizable. 

  • Plaster of Paris (PoP)

PoP is a variant of gypsum that is semi-dehydrated and therefore shares some of the beneficial properties of being economical, smooth, lightweight, and fire and moisture-resistant. PoP for kitchen ceilings is better for etched or patterned designs when compared to gypsum. Being easily customizable, they are very common too!

  • Wood 

Being fairly expensive, wood is often used in a small zone of the complete kitchen ceiling to enhance its appearance and conceal wiring. However, for a kitchen, make sure that the wood is treated using a fire-resistant finish to minimize hazards. Paneling the wood or cutting it into eccentric shapes are a few innovative false ceiling ideas that clients seem to love. Though materials like PVC and glass are used for the fabrication of false ceiling designs in other parts of their homes, they both are not conducive for use in the kitchen. PVC leads to the production of toxic fumes when subject to continuous heat making it an unwise option for the kitchen ceiling. Glass would stain and change colors from the heat and smoke produced during cooking in the kitchen. 

Reach out to Bespoke Decor for more details, expert guidance, and ideas, if you want to transform your kitchen! 

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