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How to Select your Kitchen Countertops?

Select Your Kitchen Countertops?

Here’s an all-encompassing guide to getting that perfect countertop for the right modular kitchen design. Indian kitchens are always a buzz of activity, with intricate cooking methods and an unlimited array of delicious recipes to make. Choosing a good base for all that hard work is very important to get your modular kitchen design perfect. Finding it difficult to source the perfect modular design from all the ideas floating around? Read on, help is on your way.

Top your kitchen countertop design with this end-to-end guide on how to create the perfect one curated by the best interior designers in Kerala:

1. Right Material – Sourcing the perfect material for your countertop is crucial. Thanks to tremendous advancements in engineering and mining the options available are endless right from granites, laminates, ceramic tile, engineered stone to concrete. Factors to keep in mind to get the apt material for your countertop – kitchen usage, amount of space, and the natural atmosphere around your home. We suggest you go for something that can stand the test of time, is easy to maintain, and integrates well with your decor.

2. Perfect Colour – Want those spills not to show? Or want that beautiful color that will complement your modular kitchen design? You can do both if you do the first step right and move on to this. Our tip – simple and non-patterned does the trick no matter whether it is a lighter color or dark, that you want to go with.[

3. Correct Texture – This is an easier one to cross. Though you can choose between everything from a rough, grainy, or smooth texture; we’ll explicitly tell you that a smooth one should be preferred. That way, no food stuck, no time wasted on extra cleaning, no major maintenance and you get a shiny countertop greeting you every day. 

4. Miscellaneous – Additional factors, but equally important ones, including making sure that the color goes perfectly with your decor, the slope is towards the sink for optimal water drainage and there are raised edges to prevent spill off to the floor.

5. Money Matters – With all the above, this one point can not be missed either. Making sure you invest in a good material that lasts while not breaking your bank is important. Fancy or functional – this one factor rules it all!

Before we come to a close, here’s a quick intro on the types of countertops also for you to pick from:

1. Granite: A popular choice, these countertops are known to be hardy, classy, and shiny with colors and textures available in all forms. It is even possible for you to do your vegetable chopping on this, no wonder you see it almost everywhere!

2. Marble: A close competitor to the former, marble is also elegance redefined. With all qualities of granite and an equal variety of shades and textures to choose from, there’s only one low point – it stains easily. If that is not a regular problem at your kitchen station, go the marble way for sure!

3. Quartz: This one is a pocket-favorite, and comes with all the qualities of its higher variant granite with just one factor missing – temperature resistance. If you like putting your sizzling pots and pans on the countertop straight from the stove, skip this step. Else quartz is all for you!

4. Wooden: This aesthetically pleasing option makes up for a great choice that is eco-friendly too. With an old-world charm that comes with everything wooden, this one requires a good amount of work to keep it intact too. You have to make sure the wood stays dry all the time. Expert tip – If you live in a humid area, better to knock the wood off your countertop list.

5. Corian – A child of innovation, this newbie to the countertop market can’t be ignored. Non-porous, stain-resistant with regular cleaning and offering flowing seamless finishes, nothing complements a modern decor better than this.

Now that you have all the information, choose your modular kitchen countertop design the right way today! In case you are still confused, we are here to do all the work for you at ( +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23). Top, top, top it off!

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