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How To Make A Small Bedroom Look More Spacious

Room Decoration Designs and Ideas

Worried about the size of your bedroom not meeting that movie-style glamour? Owning a modern bedroom design may not always live up to our expectations, especially when you have a big bed to accommodate in a small space! But think about what you could do more, with what’s less. 

Here are our best tips to spruce up your small bedroom design and give it a tasteful twist! 

1. Say goodbye to excess furniture

First things first- clear out those extra furniture pieces that you won’t need for the bedroom makeover. Extra furniture may come in handy, but why would you need two nightstands for an already small bedroom design? Take it from us, the less furniture in a room, the roomier it appears! 

2. Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

How do you not make it seem small? Mirrors create the appearance of more space in small modern bedroom designs. Placing mirrors near windows can make the room look broader by bouncing light around, plus a creative placement of one or two mirrors can add a faux depth to the bedroom.

3. Keep it light and airy

A dark-themed bedroom can make the space look smaller, hence choosing a mellow shade or cool colours like pastel greens, blues or pinks will enhance the look of a small bedroom design. Whites are an all-time classic shade and are a great choice to make the room look spacious. As an extra tip, choose the same light shade for the walls and ceiling as it will mask angular discrepancies. 

4. How about fancy lights? 

No, we’re not talking about grand chandeliers and contemporary floor lamps. When choosing to refurbish your small bedroom interior design, go for smaller lamps on ceilings or floating lamps on bed sides. For a chic appearance, mounting mini sconces on walls is never a bad idea. Just so that you know, hanging fairy lights in small bedrooms is still in vogue!

5. Drapes or No Drapes? 

We suggest thin drapes if you must have a piece of clothing over window frames, but no drapes work well for small bedroom interior designs too. Although letting in natural light is the best option for rooms with less area and small windows, a bedroom decoration idea we would suggest is to mount light-shaded drapes over window frames to make the room look taller. Also, do not let the drapes hit the floor as it can make the room seem congested.

6. Bed down!

Placing the bed a little closer to the floor can make the bedroom feel bigger. Choose a low headboard or canopy bed instead of bulky bed designs for the bedroom.  The space between the ceiling and the bed appears more, making the room look spacious.

7.Play Peek-a-boo with furniture

Heard of transparent fitments? Make your small bedroom interior design look plush and spacious with see-through, low-lying chairs or tables (well, only if you need them!). Imagine this, it will appear when you need them and vanish when you don’t. Smart, isn’t it?

8. Storage solutions

The thought of storing your belongings in a small bedroom can baffle your brain. Choose to hang lightweight accessories or clothes behind the bedroom door and utilize the storage space under your bed or nightstand drawers. Finally, declutter all that you don’t need in your bedroom. The space will look airy and feel light!

Organising a simple bedroom layout need not be a challenge anymore since these tips and tricks will work for any small bedroom design. It is like finding a fine balance between your design elements and the storage space of the room. 

If these tips gave you an idea to refurbish your small bedroom interior design, we could help you figure out the rest. Contact the Bespoke Decor team on _____________ for creating that bedroom design of your dreams !

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