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How to Ideate, Source and Style Paintings in the Living Room

Modern living rooms deserve attention when they integrate popular designs and creativity on the walls. From huge pieces of statement wall art to framing a gallery wall, paintings are a factor to anticipate in modern living room designs. As quoted by a famous artist, ‘Art is not what you see, it is what you make others see.

The inspiration behind paintings for living rooms should augment the colour palette, design theme and enhance the character of art. The purpose of including art on living room walls is to reflect a home owner’s personal taste and ideally, what they love. Look for paintings that chime with the living room interior designs. Moreover, take into consideration the period style of the house. That really does play a vital role when choosing wall paintings in the living room

When it comes to sourcing paintings, it does not have to burn a hole in your pocket! It can be as easy as framing a large abstract painting for one accent wall. Sourcing designs for an Indian middle-class living room can be made simple by identifying lesser-known artists in the locality, touring the studios and understanding the nature of their work. With budget strains on interior designing, antique markets and sale fairs are great places to consider for wall paintings. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind when styling the wall paintings in living rooms.

  • Choose paintings that set the mood of the living room.
  • Go for eye-catching artwork on accent walls.
  • Make sure to choose artwork that suits the space in living room designs. 
  • Enhance the lighting in living rooms to brighten paintings on walls. 
  • Choose a good spot to hang wall paintings in living rooms. Put up paintings that stand at a distance, almost midway from the floor. 
  • Select a durable frame for the artwork and make it complementary to the painting. If the artwork should stand apart from other wall accents, add a contrast frame. 
  • Gallery arrangements work well on blank walls. Place the most important painting in the middle, and gradually work outwards.
  • When using various frames on a wall, space them out to give it a clutter-free appearance. 
  • Create a visual balance with wall paintings in living rooms
  • Make a ton of online research before choosing the ones that fit!

As a pro tip, get the living room interior designs modified to suit the artwork, with the focus being on the paintings as a start point! It takes a little bit of learning and some guesswork to pick the right form of artwork in modern living rooms. Art has the power to change a room and imbue it with personality when chosen carefully. 

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