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How to Elevate your Modular Kitchen with Good Lighting

Striking Veneer Combined With Matt Finish Handles Kitchen

A well-illuminated kitchen is a well-functioning kitchen!

Good lighting has the potential to transform your modular kitchen design into something breathtaking. If you are an aesthete or a perfectionist, then you probably know how important good lighting can be and how it can beautify even kitchen space. 

One or all these forms of lighting can be chosen for your kitchen. For ease of understanding, it has been categorised into three with further subdivisions. 


This is determined by the availability of natural light in the room. Incandescent or fluorescent lights can be used to set an ambiance. This maintains a basic amount of light in the room. Warm white light is more preferable in the kitchen when compared to yellow light. Ambient kitchen lighting can include the following:

  • Mounted dome-shaped lights

These are attached to the ceiling and provide excellent illumination. Warm white can be used to brighten up even the smallest of the kitchens. It can be a single fixture type or multiple ones, depending upon the size of your kitchen.

  • Recessed lights

For the perfectionist in you, this seamless lighting is the most preferable type of ambient lighting. It is seamlessly fitted into the ceiling and requires multiple fixtures in a grid fashion. However, an adequate amount of ceiling space and insulation is required to set them up. They are easy to clean and lend a very neat appearance to the kitchen ceiling.



This type of kitchen lighting is designed for specific areas that are used to carry out specific tasks. These are additional light sources that make working in the kitchen easier and more relaxed. These include the following:

  • Countertop lights

Illuminating your kitchen counters can be easily achieved with the help of strip lighting. It is of special help at night when natural light isn’t available and you want to supplement your ambient lighting as you complete tasks on the countertop

  • Cabinet lights

These are placed under the cabinets for illumination of the storage zone. LEDs or other fixtures can be used for drawer lighting to help focus on retrieving and storing objects.



These lighting options supplement ambient and task lighting and they work towards beautifying your kitchen space further.

  • Wall mounted fixtures

Decorative lights add a pleasing effect to your kitchen lighting system. Wall sconces can be ornate or minimalistic and can be selected to play in harmony with the home design. 

  • Multiple lamp fixtures

Lamp fixtures can be placed in the kitchen island or dining area. This brightens up space and also contributes to mood lighting, especially in a kitchen with fluorescent lights.

  • Pendant lights

These are hanging lights that come in minimalistic to very ostentatious designs. Most commonly seen above islands, they lend to the look of the space. These also bring light closer to your working areas so they can be used as trendy task lights as well. Even your kitchen deserves to look every bit as elaborate as your home. Happy Lighting! 

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