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How Shutters Can Transform Your Modular Kitchen Design

Captivating shutters can enhance the look of a kitchen if you choose the right style. (show a few modular kitchens)

Here are a few of the popular cabinets that move with time.

  • Corian– Durable, tough, and free from hazardous chemicals. They come in a variety of colors and textures and are non-porous. (show Corian shutters with a catchy color in a modular kitchen )
  • Ceramic– With dust-proof features, these units can withstand high temperatures. (show ceramic shutter in the modular kitchen)
  • 5-piece veneer– Best suited for wooden modular kitchen designs. They are strong with a five-piece constructive framework. (show a wooden modular kitchen with 5-Piece veneer shutter)
  • Solid wood– Sophisticated and classy style shutters. These shutters can withstand climatic changes. (show a modular kitchen with solid wood shutters)
  • Veneer– These high-quality shutters have pre-staining and polishing features. (show a polished shutter -veneer type in a modular kitchen)
  • Glorious glass– Toughened glass is available in a variety of colors. (show a colored glorious glass shutter in a modular kitchen)
  • PU Inclined– These shutters come with a 45-degree slope (show a P U inclined shutter)
  • PU shutters– Glossy, scratch-resistant, and highly appealing shutters in an array of colors. (show a PU shutter within a modular kitchen)
  • Matpro– Horizontal and vertical applications, with anti-fingerprint and thermal healing of superficial scratches (show a woman demonstrating anti-fingerprint feature on Matpro shutters in a modular kitchen)
  • Glitz– These have a PU finish and a glossy surface, which can resist climatic wear and tear. (show a glossy shutter within a modular kitchen)
  • Acrylic– They allow for a seamless kitchen design and can resist harsh weather conditions.  (show a modular kitchen with a focus on acrylic shutters)
  • Artize– Top-notch quality laminates crafted with artsy textures and colors (show an artistic shutter of Artzy within a modular kitchen)
  • Inclined laminate– They come with a 45-degree slope on top giving it a handle-like feature (show the handle like the feature of the inclined laminate shutter )
  • Laminate/Mica – Very common, moisture-proof, and chip-resistant (show a laminate shutter within an open kitchen
  • Pristine PU–  Glossy, scratch-resistant, and highly appealing in an array of colors. (show a glossy Pristine PU shutter in a modular kitchen)

The finish of shutters is in plenty and can have an impact on the aesthetics and cost of kitchen units. (show variety of modular kitchens highlighting shutters)

Design your modular kitchen with the best shutters available today! (show modular kitchen videos.)

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