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How Early should you Start Thinking about the Kitchen for your Home?

Here’s a modular kitchen timeline that Bespoke Decor follows!

There’s usually a lot of confusion amongst our clients on exactly how long a complete remodel or renovation of a modular kitchen takes. They ask, “How long will it take to complete my modular kitchen work?”

This is an extremely valid doubt given the various service providers and interior designers offering modular kitchens. Here at Bespoke, we have a specific timeline that we always follow in order to prepare the client as well as our team. Keep in mind that the following timeline is based on the best case scenario wherein all the steps mentioned happen as per the ideal time. This schedule is mostly common for any renowned modular kitchen vendor you select. Please check with your designer to reassess the timeline before you place your order.

1. Walk In (Day 1)

The process begins with your first appointment with the experts at Bespoke Decor. You can walk into our Kochi or Thrissur store and get an idea of what your modular kitchen options are in terms of design, budget, and materials. 

2. Site Measurement (Day 3)

Within the next two working days, once you gain a sense of confidence in our expertise, we arrive at your site to take initial measurements. This gives the team an idea of any limitations of the site or any potential hurdles to the design you like. 

3. First 2D design & Quote (Day 6)

By day 6, you receive the first 2D rendering of your site with measurements and modular kitchen ideas. Along with this, you will also get an idea of the initial budget for the kitchen option pitched. 

4. If OK, Detailed Project Presentation with 3D (Day 8)

Chances are you’ll be impressed by the 2D design and the modular kitchen idea. If you have any qualms, feel free to discuss it with the team and they will be able to give you alternatives you are sure to love. You receive a final presentation at the end of this detailing out the plan with a 3D rendering. This breathes a little more life into your modular kitchen plans and gets you a step closer to making it a reality. 

5. Design Confirmation (Day 10)

Clients can take a decision and within the next two days, once the design is confirmed, the next step of your relationship with Bespoke begins. 

6. Quote Finalisation (Day 12)

With a final design in hand and an idea of the materials used in the modular kitchen, an outline of the final quote of the modular kitchen remodel or renovation is handed over for final client approval. 

7. Order Booking with Token Advance Payment (Day 13)

Your modular kitchen order is considered booked with Bespoke Decor once you complete the payment of a token advance. In the two week period so far, we allow clients to get an idea of the entire process and assure them of our quality until they are confident enough to get their new modular kitchen made from us. 

8. Final Site Measurement & Site Check (Day 15)

A fortnight from the starting date, our team revisits the sites for a final round of measurements and checking. This is crucial to ensure that there isn’t even a difference of a millimeter which could result in misalignment. 

9. Agreement Sign-Off (Day 16)

Our team will send you a final agreement, details of which you can see on this blog here. 

10. 70% Advance Payment (Day 17)

At this stage, 70% of the total price of the modular kitchen is collected as an advance payment. This goes towards getting the custom factory-built modular kitchen units. 

11. Production Instruction to Factory (Day 19)

The measurements and the plan is then forwarded to the factory in Pune to begin production. 

12. Expected Material Ready at Pune Factory (Day 37)

Over the next 18 days, the production of your modular kitchen will happen at full swing in the factory. This is the average timeframe for a laminate kitchen. This period may get extended to a month or two for other premium finishes. 

13. Material Arrival at Kochi Hub (Day 44)

After dispatch from the factory in Pune on Day 37, the material finally arrives at our Kochi Hub. Only when the site arrives in Kochi do we begin the demolition process. This is to ensure that our clients are inconvenienced without a kitchen only for a short period of time. In just a short time, you will be stepping into your dream modular kitchen

14. Demolition and Site Correction (Day 48)

The demolition process begins. At this stage, any site corrections to be done are also undertaken. 

15. Supervisor Inspection for Site Readiness (Day 49)

On completion of demolition, the site then undergoes a final check from the supervisor. 

16. Site correction, if any (Day 50)

Final corrections to be done post supervisor check and approval.

17. Material Delivery (Day 51)

50 days after the start of the process, the material arrives at your site and your custom modular kitchen is ready for installation. 

18. Balance Payment (Day 51)

On the same day, the balance payment is collected.

19. Kitchen Installation Start Date (Day 52)

The following day, the modular kitchen is installed and over the next 10 days the space is fine-tuned to perfection by our team. 

20. Functional Kitchen handover (Day 62)

Finally, approximately 2 months since the ideation of a modular kitchen remodel or renovation, your dream kitchen with Bespoke Decor becomes a reality. 


Step 1 to 11 is common irrespective of the finish you select. Also, it depends on the customer’s urgency and design lead time. 
Step 12 onwards depends specifically upon the finish you choose for your modular kitchen. The above timeline is for the laminate finish (18 days). For premium finishes like Ceramic or 5-piece veneer, this time period can be extended up to 45-60 days.

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