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Has your Kitchen been Designed in the Wrong Way?

Kitchen Been Designed In The Wrong Way

Kitchen Vastu Tips: Because Vastu is not only restricted to home design

The heart of the home, the kitchen, attracts energy easily and allows for the free flow of those energies which can spread throughout the home. Often overlooked in applying the principles of Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is the one place where you reap the maximum benefits of good energy when implemented. If this is a big concern for you, reach out to the best interior designers in Kerala at Bespoke Decor to create your Vastu-friendly kitchen.

Kitchen Placement

Let’s start off with the placement of the kitchen. This is a factor which will be in your control only if your house is under construction. Many builders today ensure that they are Vastu compliant too.

Tips to follow:

  • The south-East direction of the home is the best placement for the kitchen since it is where the fire element is present 
  • The north-West direction is another Vastu compliant position for the kitchen
  • The door of the kitchen should be in the North, East or West direction 


    • Do not have your kitchen above or below a toilet, bedroom, or a prayer room 
    • Do not place the kitchen to the South-West, North, or North-East positions
    • The kitchen door should not be at the corner of the room
    • The kitchen and washroom should not share a common wall


How to Position the Work Triangle

It is important to ensure a clear flow between the three elements of the Kitchen Work Triangle. The Vastu implications of these elements are as follows: 

    • Owing to the aforementioned presence of the fire element in the South-East direction, it is considered to be the best for stove placement. Other heating appliances like microwaves, ovens and 

I. Cooktop or Stove 

Tips to follow:

    • toasters can also be placed in this direction
    • When using the stove or a related heating appliance, the person must face East to attract the most positive energy


      • Do not place the fire elements (stove) and water elements (sink) on the same side or parallel to each other. These opposing forces repel one another and can lead to conflict when placed together
      • Gas stove should not be placed in front of the kitchen entry door

II. Sink

Tips to follow:

    • North and North-East directions work out best for the placement of the sink. Other water-related appliances like the water dispenser, water purifier and washing machine must also follow this rule


      • Make sure there is no clash between the fire and water energies in the kitchen

III. Refrigerator

Tips to follow: 

    • South, West and the North directions are best accepted according to Vastu
    • The South-West direction is considered acceptable for refrigerator placement, only if it is placed a foot away from the corner


      • Do not place the refrigerator in the North-East direction


Tips to follow: 

  • South-West is the best direction to store dry food to ensure the abundance
  • The South and West directions are also Vastu compliant for storage


    • North and East directions are not conducive, according to Vastu

Other tips: 

  • Make sure that your kitchen receives ample natural light to boost the positivity of the space 
  • Ensure good ventilation with properly placed exhaust fans and chimneys 
  • Use bright colours in your kitchen space and avoid the use of black colours for the kitchen floor

For more details on making your modular kitchen Vastu compliant, reach out to Bespoke Decor at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23

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