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Hacks to Unlimited Kitchen Storage

Little spaces with lots of storage for your modular kitchen!

In an age of smart TVs, smartphones, and smartwatches, it is only natural to want smart kitchen storage integrated within the very fiber of the existence of your kitchen interiors. In a space that is most likely to collect clutter like the kitchen, smart storage solutions are the only way to ensure maximum functional and ergonomic utilisation of your space. It is imperative that you do not allow any space to go to waste. You may feel your senses tickled by Kim Karadashian’s kitchen interior tours boasting her expansive cabinetry plush with foodstuff and unaffordable kitchen equipment & accessories. You may be restricted by space, but fret not, you could get unlimited kitchen storage in your modular kitchen with just a little bit of effort and by following these 2 hacks!


Hack #1: Make the most of vertical storage by installing tall pantry cabinets

Make use of the kitchen’s higher ceilings by installing floor-to-ceiling length tall cabinets. In addition to giving you a lot of extra storage space, these tall pantry cabinets also lend a very classy look to your kitchen. Tall cabinets are a win-win in terms of both aesthetics and limitless storage!

Functionality: A tall cabinet in your kitchen will change the way you store your pantry items! Invest in good ergonomically-friendly hardware within these cabinets- pull-out drawers or wire shelves work really well. You could store perishable items closer to eye level, pantry staples on the lower shelves and long-lasting canned goods on the top-most shelves. In some cases, tall cabinets are even large enough to hold a few of your kitchen appliances that you’d like to keep out of sight. Discuss your individual preferences and needs with our experts to curate a tall cabinet that works best for your kitchen.

Aesthetics: Your interior designer would be able to use the tall façade of the tall cabinet to play with texture and colour, to transform your kitchen into a modern stylish space.


Hack #2: Don’t cut corners- good corner units are the way to go!

The so-called kitchen black hole, kitchen corners can be so much more! To get a lot more storage than you already have, invest in a good corner unit which can quadruple your kitchen storage.

Functionality: : No longer a kitchen black hole, a corner unit can be the perfect place to store your pots and pans. Based on your storage requirement, you could opt for either a carouselstyle unit, a pair of S-shaped shelves, V-shaped corner drawers or plain old L-shaped shelves. Out of the above, the carousel unit ensures best functionality and ergonomic storage potential. While these could work well for both upper and base cabinets, open Lshaped shelves on the upper corner units make your kitchen appear more spacious.

Aesthetics: There are so many ways you could design your corner units. Base corner cabinet units come in so many different styles, so find what suits your requirements best. For the upper corner units, shelving allows you to create a styling opportunity or additional storage for any items you may like to keep on display.

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