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Guiding Lights- How to Light up your Bedroom!

The ultimate bedroom lighting guide is here.

The bedroom is one of the rooms in your home where you spend a lot of time resting. The lights in the bedroom are the ones that need to oscillate the most- from switched off during the day time to bright with task-based lighting in the evenings to dimly lit at bedtime. The transformation should ensue with the simple flick of a switch- that’s the idea to keep things simple and functional! From giant light fixtures on your false ceiling design to quaint bedside lights- here’s all you need to know. 

How to layer your bedroom lighting

The only way to create a stunning lighting scheme in your bedroom is to learn to layer the bedroom lighting. It is important to strike a balance between the different types of lighting to suit the room’s mood and the task you intend on doing. Here are light types that you must know about: 

  • Ambient lighting 

The foundation of light sources in the bedroom should be good ambient lighting. This could be from natural light sources via airy windows and skylights. Supplement natural light with artificial lighting sources like chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant light fixtures. If the room is spacious enough requiring additional illumination, a floor lamp would add to the requirement too.  

  • Task-based lighting 

The night lamp is a wonderful example of task-based lighting- supplementing room lights with just enough illumination to safely read before bedtime. However, this is not the only type of task-based lighting. Lights on your dressing table, sconces and flexible directional lights are functional sources of task-based lighting. 

  • Accent lighting 

For aesthetic requirements and to highlight artwork, accent lighting adds warmth and beauty to a bedroom. Recessed lights, tape lights and small LEDs enhance the ambient and task-based lighting. 

Practicality and convenience precedes all else

When it comes to bedroom lighting, the priority is on practicality and convenience. Here’s how you can make those elements easier:

  • Dimmers 

To properly layer bedroom lighting, dimmers allow you to gain more functionality from fewer sources of light. Adjust the light to full brightness for ambient lighting and keep it dim for task-based or accent functionalities. 

  • Lampshades 

On bedside lamps, lampshades are always a welcome addition to diffuse the light and achieve a soft glow. 

  • Where to place the switches?

The placement of light switches improves the use of light fixtures in a room. It is recommended to have a two-way switch for the ambient light sources- one near the room’s entrance and one beside the bed. 

  • Smart Lighting 

No longer argue at bedtime for who needs to switch off the lights at night when you’re all curled up in bed. Smart lighting is something you could install in the very beginning to man the controls on your smartphone! 

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