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Got a Bedroom Redesign itch? The Top 10 ideas for Modern Bedrooms

Because your bedroom deserves a makeover!

Change is the only constant- and a bedroom makeover is always a welcome change. Especially with the pandemic and the work-from-home culture becoming increasingly common, the bedroom is one of those rooms in the home that you spend many hours a day in. Redesigning your bedroom may give you a renewed burst of energy to take on life’s challenges.

1 . Simple bedroom ceiling design:

For a noticeable change to your bedroom architecture, why not start off by changing the ceiling (which is the area that you look up at when you lay in bed)! Whether you choose an easy simple ceiling design or an intricate PVC false ceiling design, it would amplify the appearance of your bedroom for sure! 

If you call the professionals in to make you a brand new false ceiling design for your bedroom, it would take you just a day or two from start to finish.

2 . Head the transformation with a headboard:

The headboard is an often forgotten element when it comes to redecorating a bedroom- but the design possibilities it holds is limitless! There are several DIY options to consider when making a new headboard and the tufted style is absolutely stunning, adding dimension and texture to the room while so simple to do. 

3 . Mirror mirror on the wall:

A mirror is an indispensable tool which also adds beauty to a room. Vastu recommends against having a mirror facing the bed, but adding two identical mirrors on either side of the bed frame can enhance the beauty of your space.

4 . Care for a sconce (or two):

If mirrors on either end of your bed frame doesn’t fit your style, adding a pair of sconce in a fancy design can really uplift the appearance of your bedroom. It could act as an additional source of light to compliment the main chandelier in the bedroom.

5 . Wow wallpapers:

No matter which space you take, the right wallpaper has a way to make it come alive. Whimsical with fantastical forest wallpapers or fly off into the clouds with over-the-top wallpapers or keep it classy with geometrical patterns on warm colours . 

6 . Enlightened transformations:

Lights are another really helpful tool to get an immediate appearance of change in a room. Staggered pendant lights to one end of your bed would take the look of your bedroom up a notch.

7 . A cosy nook:

Dedicate a corner of your bedroom to a cosy nook. Place a comfy armchair with plush cushions, a footrest and a small side table. Warm lighting would make this area more inviting!

8 . Loft it up:

Consider creating a loft platform for your bed and side tables to draw the eye into these zones on entering the bedroom. Avoid if you have children in the home, to prevent potential accidents.

9 . Platform bed:

Platform beds are all the craze now- and if the conventional bed doesn’t catch your fancy anymore, it may be time to invest in one!

10. Liven it up with linens:

For a cost-effective transformation, begin with linens. A new set of linens can take a room from drab to fab in no time.

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