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From a Modular Kitchen Quote to a Complete Home Renovation

Mr. Eby Philip approached Bespoke Décor a few years ago to create his dream modular kitchen after seeing one of our advertisements. However, it wasn’t an advertisement targeting new customers, but one that wanted to lend a helping hand to previous customers. 

Not long after the 2018 Kerala floods, Bespoke Décor and Sleek posted an advertisement in leading newspapers extending a helping hand to those customers whose kitchens were affected by the flood. We ran a scheme offering free replacement of Sleek modular kitchens as a gesture of care. 

This piqued Philip’s interest and he reached out to us for just a Sleek modular kitchen quote, impressed by our selfless customer-centric approach. This eventually transformed into a full interior transformation of his home. 

Eby liked Bespoke Décor’s hassle-free customer service. All of the client’s requirements were taken into consideration and every aspect of his space was expertly curated. The entire space was made-to-order as per the client’s desires and was a marriage of aesthetics and functionality. 

This project involved extensive work done on creating the modular kitchen, creation of a factory-made customised shoe rack to be placed in the foyer, a bespoke crockery shelf, and a made to measure TV unit. The work on this project was not restricted to interiors— it also included civil, electrical, and plumbing work. We set out on the path of helping old clients and ended up creating the house of Mr. Eby Philip’s dreams with our extreme customisation

This story is a snippet of our customers’ appreciation of our commitment to maintaining a customer-centric approach to everything we do! 

Material Used- Marine Ply, BWR Grade
Finish- High Gloss Laminate for Kitchen & Mat Laminate for other items
Warranty- 10 Years

Executed by Bespoke Decor Kochi

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Finish Glitz
Shape L Shape
Carcass Material Marine Ply
Shutter Material Marine Ply
Handle G Section

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