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Few must-have Wardrobe Components and Accessories

One component = 100x the functionality

Who wouldn’t prefer a customized wardrobe design that caters to their individual needs? Adults and kids both have different storage requirements and needs for accessories. An adult may need extra drawer space to keep a box within which they can store their watches whereas a kid may require a long shelf to store charts and craft papers. Due to the availability of multiple options, it becomes easier when we discuss our needs with the interior designer and architect so that a space can be created accordingly for the wardrobe design.

Main wardrobe components:

1 . Sliding or Hinged doors

Sliding doors are preferred to hinged doors in smaller spaces as they do not take any additional space for operation. 

  2. Drawers or Pull-outs 

When drawers are designed within a wardrobe, they should be planned at an appropriate height. It would be futile to have a pull-out that is way too high or low for reach. An ergonomic design would have the drawers positioned at the designated user’s arm’s length. The drawers can be fitted with accessories to further improve their storage ability. 

  3 . Shelves 

Some people prefer to fold their clothes and would opt for more shelves within their wardrobe design. Others may be partial towards hanging the clothes up and may desire fewer shelves in the wardrobe unit. 

  4 . Railing

Adding a railing within the wardrobe to suspend clothes on hangers is a matter of personal choice. The area to be designated for the storage of clothes on railings also differs- women who wear only saris may need half the length that a woman who wears salwar suits will. 

The main wardrobe accessories:

 1 .  Mirrors 

Mirrors can easily be added to the wardrobe to facilitate the process of getting ready. A full-length mirror could be placed onto the door of the wardrobe or a smaller mirror can be given inside. 

  2 . Shoe rack

In walk-in units usually, a rack to organize and place shoes neatly can be provided as an add-on. 

  3 . Multi storage units

To place items not subject to daily use, a multi-storage unit can be added to the wardrobe promoting the neatness of the space. 

  4 . Tie and belt holder

In a men’s wardrobe, a tie and belt holder is an absolute must-have accessory to neatly organize and store these items. 

  5 . Pull out baskets

Baskets can be used for the storage of undergarments, socks, and other miscellaneous items. 

  6 . Ironing board 

A fixed spot for the storage of the ironing board can be created within your wardrobe design if planned early on. Certain skilled interior designers can even design a foldable ironing board that is streamlined into your wardrobe’s overall design

Wardrobes are an essential part of every household. Nowadays, the humble wardrobe is no longer considered just as a storage unit but also as an item of furniture with aesthetic appeal. It is one of the most used items of furniture as well, within the comfort of the bedroom but with the right components and accessories, you can multiply that usage.

Once all the desired accessories and components are decided the wardrobe space must be used efficiently to leave no empty space. The ideal way would be to chart out your requirements, plan your budget, discuss with your interior designer and go for standard quality before designing the wardrobe. A well-planned wardrobe always ends up being more efficient as well as aesthetic. Wardrobe accessories are also an integral part of the wardrobe. If the accessories are of low quality and not fitting well it will fail to deliver what it’s expected to do.

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