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FAQs on Wardrobe Designs in the Bedroom

All your wardrobe design questions answered

When it comes to any aspect of home interior design, any customer without a background in interior design has the same questions. Having these queries answered offers a chance to educate oneself and make better decisions when it comes to matters of the home. In this article, we take you through the most commonly asked questions when it comes to wardrobe and wardrobe designs.

1. What is the difference between a cupboard, wardrobe, closet, and an almirah?

Cupboard refers to the wider category of furniture into which items are placed for storage with a door to keep it closed. The other three i.e. wardrobe, closet, and almirah are all varieties of cupboards.
A wardrobe is a type of cupboard used for storing clothes and is commonly seen in the bedroom. A closet is another type of cupboard that can be used for storage for any items not limited to primary clothing. An almirah just refers to a cupboard used for the storage of clothing and/or other items that is freestanding and not of an in-built or modular wardrobe design.

2. What is a modular wardrobe design?

Modular units- be it a modular wardrobe design or a modular kitchen- are custom-made units that are fit to measure, fabricated in a factory, and assembled in their designated location. There are several advantages and types of modular wardrobe design over traditional wardrobes.

3. Which material is most suitable for wardrobes in the bedroom?

You could opt for a material of your choice for the wardrobe in your bedroom. Options to choose from are wooden, veneers, laminates, mirror, and glass wardrobe designs.
It is recommended to look at the predominant weather conditions in your area before arriving at a decision. For instance, invest in materials that do not warp or change shape when exposed to moisture in tropical areas. Other than that, the budget is another deciding factor.

4. What size should a wardrobe ideally be

The most commonly seen dimensions of a wardrobe are 7×10 feet. That being said, there can be small wardrobe designs and some which are extensively bigger like walk-in wardrobe designs.

5. Is it possible to customize my wardrobe design based on my needs? “

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it is highly recommended to customize the wardrobe design based on your needs to get maximum functionality from this storage space. Speak to a reputed interior design team to help you out and guide you through the process

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