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False Ceiling Designs for your Living Room Style

Minimalist, Eclectic, Contemporary or Traditional- there’s a false ceiling design to match your living room style!

Homeowners are presented with a plethora of options when it comes to interior design styles for their living room and some even choose to combine a few to unlock their personal preference. No matter what style category you fall into, there is undoubtedly a false ceiling design to match it. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different style categories and the false ceiling design for the hall that would best compliment it! We hope you enjoy our recommendations. 

1. Minimalist

If your design philosophy is ‘less is more’, you may be an advocate of the minimalist style of interiors. This style is extremely elegant and a simple ceiling design will speak volumes in a minimalist living room. Scandinavian interiors would follow these false ceiling design philosophies too. 

Minimalist design is often enhanced by strong architectural elements with solid lines.  A simple POP or gypsum false ceiling, suspended island false ceiling,  panelled wooden or PVC false ceiling design are recommended. 

Neutral tones like whites, creams, browns or greys would work in a minimalist space. If you want to offer high contrast, even dark greys or blacks may work but tread with caution. 

An ambient light source like a chandelier could be placed. Profile lighting in the form of strips or concealed LEDs for accent lighting come highly recommended in minimalist spaces to add a layer of warm light to enhance the beauty of clean lines. 

2. Eclectic (or Artistic)

If you intend for your living room to be a conversation starter with bright colours, patterns and artsy decor, you may fall into the eclectic interior design category. Allow your false ceiling to add more words to the ensuing conversation! Bohemian styles would also suit false ceiling designs recommended below. 

Think loud shapes and designs- and POP or gypsum false ceiling would be an ideal base for them! 

Vibrant colours like aquamarine, cobalt blue, orange, emerald green and the like would suit an eclectic home. If you opt for a coloured ceiling, we would recommend artistic furniture in muted tones with pops of the colour in the form of accents. 

Stained glass or mirrored false ceilings are a possibility too, but they come with the obvious challenges regarding upkeep! 

Go big or go home with lighting in eclectic homes. Search for the quirkiest chandeliers and multi-coloured changeable LED fixtures- don’t be afraid to experiment!

3. Contemporary

Modern interior design is a popular choice amongst our patrons and here’s how your false ceiling can reflect it. 

The false ceiling shape options are quite open-ended when it comes to a contemporary style. Plain, grid or patterned false ceilings will work.

Wooden and neutral tones are preferred choices for ceilings in the modern/contemporary interior design colour scheme.  POP, gypsum, wood, PVC or even metal and glass false ceilings would pair well. 

Metal and modern chandeliers in fancy shapes would work best for ambient lighting supplemented by concealed LEDs for accent lighting. 

4. Traditional or Rustic

Indian, rustic or traditional interior design needs specific false ceiling designs to amplify their beauty – and we’re here to help you out. 

Wooden panelled false ceiling designs would be the gold-standard pairing to the rustic living room. Another option would be POP false ceilings with ornate carved designs.

5. Industrial

The faux tin or suspended mesh false ceiling is one of the latest innovations in false ceiling design which would look wonderful in an industrial home setting! Galvanised iron or aluminium are other material possibilities. Keep the ceiling as (intentionally) unpolished or exposed to offer an unfinished industrial look. 

Which one is your favourite? Reach out to us at contact@bespokedecor.infor more guidance on your false ceiling!

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