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Elements for a cosy and comfortable living room

Cue the cosiness

A welcoming entrance, comfortable couch, soft rug, breezy drapes and a harmonious colour palette. One can imagine! The space that invites speculations about the other rooms of a house- the living room. As for the designs that define this chamber of the house, it goes way beyond cosy couches and matching curtains. 

Getting a lovely living room interior design can not only leave your guests in awe but will leave you happy too! Whether you’re looking to design your dream living room from scratch or just trying to refurbish the space, a few basic elements can probably give you better ideas to style your living room. 

No, we are not starting with advising on purchasing the perfect sofa but we’re taking you through the basics of setting a comfortable living room design that suits your style. Remember, your living room is the best place for decor, and beware, your guests can judge your choices! 

Here are a bunch of proven elements that can elevate the comfort level of your living room design. We promise that only the important ones come under this list!

1. Pick a pretty palette

When it comes to living room wall designs, choose a shade that sets a calming tone to your room. This is clearly a personal choice, so make it the best! 

2. Liven it up with lighting

Accent or ambient, let your living room design sparkle with good lights! Accent lighting like scones and classy ceiling lights are a great choice for living rooms. If the living room interiors have windows, make it convenient for letting in natural light too! 

3. Warm it up with curtains or drapes

Make the room comfortable by adding drapes or curtains that complement the wall designs and furniture. Curtains are great when you want the living room to feel private and pleasant. 

4. Now comes the sofa… 

When choosing a sofa design for the living room, consider how much use it will have. Opt for comfortable seating, an upholstery shade that doesn’t get too dirty, and a size that is just right! 

5. Add rugs

To give the living room a sophisticated look, add rugs to the flooring and layer it with smaller rugs to create a visual dimension. Rugs are perfect for warm feet! 

6. Have fun with patterns

Pick living room decor pieces that suit the style of the space. Add patterns or textures to give the room a high-end look. 

7. Go beyond rugs for comfy feet

Count it as extra seating, and get lounge furniture and ottomans for relaxing after a hectic day. 

8. Stack up cushions and throw blankets

We’re looking to create a cozy scenario, so adorn your couch with fluffy cushions in matching covers, and place throw blankets to make it look relaxing! 

9. Let your living room breathe!

Keeping plants is a foolproof way to add a lush look to your living room design. Plants let you purify the air circulation in your living room, naturally!

10. Set the mood with aromatherapy 

Who doesn’t love a pleasant-smelling ambiance in living rooms? Lighting a scented candle or using an essential oil diffuser- you pick the one that will create a pleasing atmosphere! 

11. Of furniture and symmetry

When choosing furniture for a modern living room, select the ones with soft lines and rounded edges. To give the room an intimate appearance, play around with the arrangements of furniture and let it look casual rather than formal. 

12. Display your style

When ornamenting the wall decor of living rooms, astonish guests with statement artwork or travel collectives. Give the guests a reason to stare at your beautiful walls! 

13. Highlight the best features

When it comes to living room ideas, consider accentuating woodwork or glasswork art, tiling your fireplace or corner nooks, or designing the area with architectural hints.

14. You could avoid this

Stuff from dining halls, kitchen, or basically anything that does not look good in a living room design. Avoid squeezing in many wall accents or furniture that give the room a cramped look. We want comfort! 

15. Most importantly…

Vouch for your individuality! Pick a living room project that makes you happy, and impresses your eyes first. Love pop living room designs that seem rare? Get it done!

From furniture to interior decor, living rooms need to stay elegant as well as functional. A beautifully decorated living room is a treat for sore eyes and has the power to make anyone stay back!

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