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Dreamy Bedroom Paint and Wallpaper Colour Ideas

Spruce up your room with paint and wallpaper. Write your detail or leave blank. When it comes to turning your bedroom ideas into reality, picking the accents for the room feels particularly personal. Perhaps your modern bedroom design needs a calming hue to help you destress, or a fun wallpaper that makes you happy!

Even so, how would you decide if your bedroom design needs a painting or wallpaper? 

  • Wall paints are suitable for any room, as they can repel moisture from the surface. Additionally, there are various options for colors suitable for the climate. 
  • Wallpapers are a good fit for rooms with less moisture and footfall. Ideally, a humid climate is not favorable for wallpapers. 

We have put together some of our best finds on calming wall paints and chic wallpapers (which are not so common!), to give you an idea of how you can transform your bedroom interior design. Evidently, your bedroom accents can be a total transformative to the house!

  1. Ease your mood with mint green or pale green wall paint. A tranquil pastel shade is perfect to take the edge off stress!
  2. Dare to give a frivolous makeover to your bedroom? Choose a combination of pink shades to give it a fiesty feel!
  3. Give your room a fresh look and a ‘feel-good’ vibe with buttery shades of beige, blush and cream.,
  4. Choosing shades of grey will give the bedroom design a rich and delightful aspect.
  5. Shades of purple and lavender add zest, grace and a lot of beauty to the bedroom interior design.
  6. Looking to give your bedroom design a vintage twist? Then choose a terracotta shade for a stunning appearance. 

And if you love wallpapers…

  1. Ethnic wallpapers to give your bedroom a premium look – Bright or light!, 
  2. Printed wallpapers with 3D textures to give your bedroom walls an almost-real feel!,
  3. Who said wallpapers need to be simple? Liven up your bedroom walls with quirky prints and fun elements.
  4. Not everyone would love the retro stuff, but your bedroom walls will!
  5. Make those walls petty in pastels! 
  6. Find paradise in your own bedroom! Choose a tropical-themed wallpaper to get those island vibes. know it can be confusing to choose from the endless number of choices of wall paints and wallpapers on the internet. In spite of laying out our ideas here, always consider how your bedroom is used and how often you can afford to change the wall accents. 

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