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Don’t cut any corners- make the most with corner wardrobe designs!

In the world of wardrobe designs and their latest, the corner wardrobe has emerged as a popular choice for compact spaces or awkwardly shaped rooms. They are small or modular wardrobe designs that make use of the corner wall of a room and the wardrobe is configured in an L-shaped layout for optimum storage.

The following are the advantages of a corner wardrobe design in the bedroom- 

    • Converts awkward and usually unused ‘dead’ corners of a room into efficient space
    • Provides adequate storage, even more than a conventional one door wardrobe design
    • Corner wardrobes have an aesthetic appeal as well
    • Can be easily customized to fit the room and to suit the user’s individual needs 

Before you take the plunge and invest in a corner wardrobe design for your bedroom, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

    • Measurements are key! Make sure to get accurate measurements of the area where you intend on placing the corner wardrobe if you’re buying one from a store. However, if you reach out to an interior designer to get one made, you need not worry about this. 
    • With corner units, make sure that no major plug points that you routinely use are obstructed. You also have to check for other electrical appliances or wiring that may be positioned here. 
    • Inside the corner wardrobe, make sure that you customize based on your need- have a blend of shelves, rails for hanging clothes, and drawers to arrange clothes and valuables.
    • There could be a clash between opposing doors on either end of the L-shaped wardrobe which over long-term use can result in damage. 
    • Accessibility to certain zones of the wardrobe would require the opening of a larger area of the closet than otherwise.

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