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Don’t Be Cheated- A Complete Hettich or Hafele Kitchen doesn’t Exist!

Remember not to get fooled by fancy terminology that some interior designers use.

It is not uncommon for modular kitchen interior designers or modular kitchen stores trying to push you to a Hettich or Hafele Kitchen. Most unwary customers get swayed by the fancy terminology and the brand names and may rush to take their decision. However, it is important to truly understand what is meant by a Hettich or Hafele kitchen. Being in the interior design field for so many years, Bespoke Decor is aware of the tactics that many vendors use on unwilling customers. We believe that our customers must be in a position to make an informed decision. 

So, let’s see what is really meant by a Hettich or Hafele kitchen. First of all, let us look at what the contribution of each of them is in the major product categories of a modular kitchen.

1. Cabinets and Shutters– 60%

This is the wooden part which is the most important aspect of a kitchen as this creates the shell and finish of the kitchen. This is a major cost contributor for a kitchen and the life of the kitchen is determined by the life of this product. 

If you have a low-grade material for this, your modular kitchen will fail faster than you think. 

2. Hardware and Accessories- 25%

This offers the functional requirement of the kitchen. Basically, this includes your drawers, corner units, lift-ups, pull-outs, hinges, channels, and so on. It is important to note that these materials are mainly provided by Hettich and Hafele in a modular kitchen. They don’t manufacture any of the other materials which eventually become part of your complete modular kitchen space. Hafele may also extend to including modular kitchen appliances but no wood components like main cabinetry or kitchen installations are a part of this.

3. Installation- 6%

The installation of a pre-drilled modular kitchen is done by a trained carpenter team on receiving the parts sent from the factory. These are all made-to-measure and fit your kitchen right to the millimeter. 

4. Appliances- 9%

Many modular kitchen appliance brands are available on the market. Yes, Hafele is an option but other vendors like Sleek, Bosch, Siemens, Faber and Elica have been better appreciated by interior designers and clients alike! So, next time your interior designer tells you that they are giving you a Hettich or Hafele kitchen, you should be aware of the fact that the materials from these two brands represent just 25% of the total modular kitchen. The rest of the materials that become a major part of your completed modular kitchen space are sourced either locally or replaced with non-branded products. Do you really think it deserves to be called a Hettich or Hafele kitchen then? 

Only a select handful of reliable companies like Sleek and a few imported European brands give all the products manufactured or sourced by themselves, under their brand name. This ensures that you receive hassle-free end-to-end service right from design to installation and the time that follows. For a sophisticated modular kitchen, contact Bespoke Decor, the exclusive Sleek modular kitchens dealer located in Kochi and Thrissur, at  +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23

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