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Detailed Customer Process for Kitchen Renovation at Bespoke Decor

Get a complete idea before you set up your first appointment with us to create your dream modular kitchen.

Bespoke Decor has, over the years, garnered a reputation of being one of Kerala’s top interior design firms- and renovating modular kitchens is our niche. Having successfully completed and transformed several homes, we await the opportunity to lend our magic touch to your space.

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our entire relationship with a client and this blog is an extension of proving that to you. It is our intention to assure you of the level of detailing and customisation we offer, driven towards creating that perfect final output tailored to your specific needs, that you will love. The focus is on lifelong durability and a hassle-free maintenance process, coupled with superior aesthetics. We shall be going into the details of the complete kitchen renovation process that we follow right from the first meeting with the client.

Reaching Out to Bespoke Decor

The process begins with an interested customer approaching us. This could happen in one of two ways-

  • A walk-in appointment at our store

On your first visit to the Bespoke Decor store with an intention of a kitchen renovation, our expert designers acquaint you with each and every aspect of modular kitchens. This meeting will assure you of the eventual functionality, aesthetics, and durability of the modular kitchen you invest in. 

This is a good opportunity for potential clients to get a visual representation of what to expect and a chance to solve all your material-associated queries. We consider the walk-in to be a very critical step as it helps clients clarify any misconceptions and get more insights on gaps in understanding regarding their final modular kitchen. This results in a more confident choice. 

  • Online enquiry/call-in 

Being one of the top Kerala-based interior design firms specialising in modular kitchens, we receive several enquiries online wherein customers send across a layout of their kitchen and request a quotation. For a modular kitchen, the same space can be made so much more functional and aesthetic with the use of a permutation and combination of different materials- and that is the versatility that only a modular kitchen offers. Our pricing blog will give you more insight regarding this. It is recommended to refrain from getting a quote for your layout online as it is important to know what exactly you’re paying for, and that’s why we encourage our potential clients to visit the store before making a decision.

Most of our competitor companies or designers offer a quote without a complete consideration of the complete requirement. They also do not get into explaining the features or benefits of their potential offerings. This leaves a customer partially informed, which may result in them picking the wrong design or products for their space. 

At Bespoke Decor, our customers remain at the core of everything we do, and realizing your dream is our mission. At the end of the day, even if you choose to opt-out of getting your modular kitchen from us, we want you to be in a position to make an informed decision with all the facts before you. 

1. Site Measurements

Congratulations, you’ve decided to get the process of building your dream modular kitchen with Bespoke Decor. Planning is the first step to unlocking perfection and every kitchen renovation project begins with the process of measurements to get a complete assessment of the site. 
It is a known fact that no two homes are similar to one another. Therefore, every modular kitchen is technically a completely customised product made for the home it ends up in. For any interior project, especially a kitchen, site measurement is a crucial step. A seemingly tiny variation of even 2mm can contribute to misalignment, leading to a dismal end product and a disappointed client. 

2. Understanding Client Requirements

Every individual is different when it comes to their taste or cooking style. In this appointment, the designers sit down with the client and understand their unique requirements. The focus in this stage would be on both functionality as well as aesthetics. 
At the end of the day, with an efficient newly-renovated modular kitchen, cooking must become a more enjoyable experience.

3. Preliminary 2D Sketch

Armed with knowledge and a complete understanding of your needs and taste, our designers create the first draft of your modular kitchen after renovation.

4. Customer Feedback on Design & Quote Estimate

This is the second round of discussion with the client wherein a basic sketch of the modular kitchen is shown to the client. They also lay down an estimate of the cost involved in the demolition and subsequent creation of your dream modular kitchen post-renovation
At this stage, clients are encouraged to point out aspects that they believe need to be added in order for them to get the final product they want.

5. Detailed Presentation of Kitchen Renovation Plans

At this stage, if the client wants to browse a few more options, two different kitchen designs in terms of colours, finishes and internal hardware could be pitched by our team too. 
On approval of the design from the client’s end, a detailed presentation will be shared listing out the complete kitchen renovation plan. 

6. Design Finalisation

Once the client seems to be fully satisfied by the design, we take their experience a step further by showing you the final design in a manner that they can easily visualise it. This guarantees that clients are reassured of the final product they will get- transforming the modular kitchen renovation dream into a reality.

7. Quote Finalisation

Once a client is certain of the design, the final quote is presented to them. If at this stage, they believe that the quote is out of their budget, the experts at Bespoke Decor can easily suggest better alternatives to lighten the load on your wallet, without compromising on design and functionality of the space. 

8. Token Advance Payment

After the design and quote have both been finalised from the client’s end, the order is then confirmed with the payment of a token advance.

9. Final Site Measurements

In order to doubly reassure the clients and the Bespoke team, site measurements are taken again. This ensures that there won’t be even a single “mm” of discrepancy in your final kitchen and the made-to-measure factory-manufactured modular kitchen

10. Agreement

A detailed 8 to 12-page agreement listing out all the details of the modular kitchen renovation like 2D drawing, color, 3D rendering, and finalised quote. 

11. Customer Approval

The customer leaves through the agreement and offers their final sign off on the project. 

12. 70% Advance Payment

At this juncture, an advance payment of 70% is collected from the client. This goes towards getting each part of your unique modular kitchen made in the factory. The completed product cannot be fitted elsewhere. 

13. Factory Process Begins

  • Production Instructions Sent to Factory

As soon as the payment is processed from the client, our team gives the green light to the factory. The design is reconfirmed and then the world-class pneumatic machine is put to work to create every component of the modular kitchen. It is then pre-drilled there, ensuring that no drilling is done on-site. It cannot get more customised than this.

  • Confirmation of Ready Date from Factory

Based on the finish the client picks and the work involved, a ready date confirmation is given from the factory. 

14. Client Given Installation Timeline

Keeping in mind all of the above factors, the Bespoke team hands the clients a detailed installation report with a timeline

15. Material Dispatch

Once alerted that the material is ready at the factory site in Pune, it is dispatched out to the site. Your newly-renovated modular kitchen dream is a lot closer than you think!

16. Preliminary Site Work

  • Demolition Begins

The demolition of the existing site begins only once the material for the modular kitchen has been dispatched from the factory. This assures clients a minimal timeframe without a functioning kitchen, causing them minimal inconvenience.

  • Site Demolition Completed

The next step is to complete the demolition of the site and prepare it for the arrival of the new modular kitchen!

  • Final Site Check by Supervisor

Post demolition, the site condition is cross-checked by the supervisor to make sure that it is perfect for the new modular kitchen in transit.

  • Material Delivery

The material from the factory arrives on-site and is checked thoroughly by the team.

17. Final Payment

The final payment for the modular kitchen is then collected from the client before installation.

18. Start of Modular Kitchen Installation 

The installation of your modular kitchen using the factory-made customized pieces begins. The cabinets are installed first and everything else follows shortly after.

19. Handover for Granite Work

The site is then handed over for the completion of countertop work. 

20. Final Corrections 

The kitchen is handed over to the client only if everything is to their liking. If any parts are damaged in transit or in case of any unforeseen issues, the professional team at Bespoke Decor tackle it efficiently. At the end of the day, it is about creating a kitchen that our clients love. In the unfortunate instance of damage in transit requiring replacement, order for the same will be issued to the factory again. It is then installed at the site. 

21. Official Handover 

The official handover marks the end of a modular kitchen renovation and the beginning of a life-long relationship with Bespoke Decor.

22. Service Support

Our work doesn’t end with a successful handover, though. Our team regularly updates you on how best to maintain your newly-renovated modular kitchen. We also offer ongoing on-call or on-site service support. Our unparalleled after-sales service has been applauded by our clients and we assure you that we always do the best we can! 

If you now feel confident about renovating your modular kitchen and starting your relationship with us, reach out to us at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 to set up an appointment!

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