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Cosy Corners in the Bedroom

Ideas for modern bedroom designs

write your detail or leave blank. Designing a bedroom starts from choosing the perfect bed design to accessorising the room with the right accents. Quite often, nooks in modern bedroom designs are overlooked and stay abandoned regardless of the various functionalities they could give the bedroom. 

If the bedroom is spacious and has obvious corners that show, get your thinking cap on and transform that corner into a useful space! From plants to books, here we have a list of ideas that may help you get your bedroom corner sorted.

  • Go green!

Keep mini potted plants or hang a few creepers in cute stands that elevate the look of the bedroom corner. If dry flowers set the tone of the room, consider garlanding them on the walls and creating a vintage theme.

  • Think books

If there is ample space in the corners, create a mini reading space that looks cosy as it sounds! Think of a snug bean bag, a chair, or an ottoman that pairs well with throw pillows. For extra comfort, add a soft rug to the space. Adorn the space with books or journals, whatever works for a relaxing feel!

  • A vanity affair 

Large bedroom spaces can be used to set up a desk or a vanity table, that offers a suave appearance to the corner. Make the most of the space by adding a dressing table unit and good lights. 

  • Of mirrors and reflection 

Looking for ways to bounce light across the room? Simply place a tall mirror in the empty corner of the bedroom! Introduce a freestanding mirror or a floor mirror that can be tilted and leaned across the corner to keep things simple. 

  • Swing for the win!

To give the bedroom interior design a playful twist, hang a cosy chair or an indoor swing chair to make the corners attractive. As much as it occupies the corner neatly, it adds a cool vibe to the room!

  • Dress up the window sills 

With windows by the corner of the bedroom, decorate the space with useful accessories or spruce it up with decor elements. Think of flower vases, some photo frames with fun pictures, a stack of your favourite books or even mini potted plants

  • Additional seating- not a bad idea!

If there are pieces of furniture worth keeping, but cannot be accommodated in the living room, bring them to the bedroom corner! Make the bedroom a chamber worth relaxing in, with a mini couch or single-seater sofa. Give it the extra elegance factor by adding a small rug in front of it.

  • Storage and shelves

Umbrellas, extra coats, bags or even excess wardrobe accessories can go on extra shelves installed in the corners. For aesthetics, choose unique shelving ideas like ladders or differently shaped storage decks to display the extras! To make a distinctive effect, add string lights to the shelves.

  • Get crafty 

A sculpture or piece of artwork may improve a drab corner in the bedroom interior design. Even colourful craft items resting on the floor may make a tremendous impact, especially if it echoes the tones and moods of the artwork above it.

  • Fancy floors

A fabulous floor lamp for empty corners is always a great idea, especially in spacious bedrooms. A floor lamp will take pride in its position in an empty bedroom corner, adding a comforting warmth to what could otherwise be a dark and gloomy space. With unique designs available in the market today, there’s one available for every bedroom, big or small! 

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