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Convert Your Bedroom Into Your Cosy Haven With These Tips

Cue the cosy vibes

A beautifully designed modular home with well-set interiors is a treat for the eyes. And bedrooms? There’s nothing like stepping away from hectic work schedules and curling up like a cocoon in this personal chamber. We get that feeling too! 

Honestly, you can have a palatial bedroom interior design and still feel incomplete. On the flip side, you may have a small bedroom, but great room decoration ideas that put you to sleep like a baby. Wait, but what does a bedroom interior design have to do with a sound sleep? We have an elaborate answer to that!

Read on to find out how you can set up a snug retreat with your bedroom in these simple steps. 

  • First things first, declutter all those things that you don’t need to see in a bedroom. Food leftovers, bottles, excess electronic items, pet food and things from your work desk- we don’t need these in a bedroom. 
  • Tidy up the bed, dust the floors and walls and get creative with rearranging your bedroom interior design
  • Choose a comfortable mattress for the bed, a cosy comforter and fresh bed linens. Add a pop of colour or go for pastel hues to give it a sophisticated appearance. 
  • Dress your windows for the weather! Dainty drapes or thick curtains? Select what doesn’t stop you from getting a good sleep during the season
  • If you’re planning to refurbish your bedroom design, consider detailing the walls with soothing textures and pleasing palettes. A natural finishing like wood is great for a welcoming feel.
  • Make your bedroom tech-free! Move your television, laptop and huge speakers to another room, bedrooms are much more peaceful without it.
  • Keep short potted pants or mini succulents to ornament your bedroom with a natural feel. Go green! 
  • Love wallpapers? Give an exciting addition to your dull walls. Highlight it with a personal favourite pattern or colour. 
  • Arrange your bedside table with the things you will need and not ‘might’ need. 
  • Replace fuse bulbs with LED soft white bulbs or lighting that is not too dark nor too bright. 
  • Check the working conditions of your air conditioning, heaters and fans. Rule out valve leaks, if any. 
  • Lighting scented tea lights or candles can ease stress, but don’t forget to blow it out!
  • Keep your favourite book by the bed. 
  • Install a room freshener that keeps the bedroom smelling brand new!
  • And finally, pick out the best furniture pieces that go with your bedroom design. Not too big, not too small- just the ones that blend perfectly with your bedroom interior design!

We hope these few tips could help you figure out where you missed out on getting a pleasant feel in your own bedroom. But remember that any bedroom can look and feel comfortable with the balance of the right elements. Yet, what makes a bedroom look pleasing to the eyes? We say, make your bed first! The rest will follow. 

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