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Considering Investing in Dado Tiles for your Modular Kitchen

Dado tile designs can take your kitchen to the next level!

Have you ever come across a modular kitchen where the tiles don’t match with the base cabinet units? Or maybe, the tiles were best suited to the 90’s style and are outdated now? As time moves so do our kitchens so it’s important to get with the times. With a multitude of options to choose from, kitchen panels could range from ceramic to plastic. 

Backsplash, as Dado tiles are more commonly known, is the wall between the base cabinet unit and the kitchen wall cabinet unit. Dado tiles have become more than just kitchen protectants. The Dado tile sizes, designs, colours and textures have evolved to make a modular kitchen stand out from the traditional style kitchens. 

Why do you need dado tiles, though?

  • To prevent any food or drink splatters from staining the wall
  • To make the aforementioned stains easy to clean, thereby keeping pests at bay
  • To prevent water damage from splashed water near the washing zone 

If your kitchen design demands perfect protection with alluring designs, here’s what to look for. As bonus tips, we tell you why you shouldn’t (maybe) consider that particular type of dado tile too- pick and choose what is important to you.

1. Ceramic Tiles

The most common of all dado tile types, yet pocket friendly. These tiles are very easy to maintain and come in a variety of colours and tile textures. Ceramic tiles are also heat resistant, therefore works well for a high-heat zone like a kitchen. 
Cons – Ceramic tiles may need replacement since it has chances to crack over time. The sealant material must be properly placed between two tiles. 

2. Glass Tiles

With a glossy and matte finish, glass tiles can make heads turn with the lovely colour combinations and tile designs they offer. They come in long panels and can be installed easily. Since they have very few joints, they are easier to clean too.
Cons- Severe heat can crack the tiles. Also, if an accidental hit with heavy loads or metallic objects occurs, it will break the glass tiles.

3. Laminated Backsplash

For giving a warm touch to your modular kitchen, laminated dado tiles are a good option. They offer plenty of wooden textures, giving them the look and feel of real wood.
Cons- Laminate backsplashes are not the best option for bustling kitchens, since laminates are not good with heat and chemical cleaning agents.

4. Granite Backsplash 

Granite is a common option for kitchen dado tiles too. They come in many designs and are durable to heat. The maintenance is simple and they tend to have scratch-free surfaces. Granite works great for both backsplash and countertops.
Cons- If your kitchen demands a certain shade of granite, it would be expensive to avail the exact colour. Since the material is very hard, it is difficult to cut the granite to shapes, hence a pre-cut material should be procured. In addition to the above, hard stains might be difficult to wash away from granite.

5. Steel Backsplash

For an exclusive metallic appearance of your modular kitchen, consider getting steel dado tiles. Apart from the elegant look they offer, they are long-lasting, low maintenance and heat resistant. These tiles are available in plenty of designs.
Cons- The shine of metal can dull over time. Steel tiles are not cost-effective though and cannot resist scratch marks either.

6. Synthetic Backsplash

Synthetic dado tiles are a modern invention combining crushed quartz and resin. For a seamless look to your kitchen, synthetic tiles will work best. These tiles are tough, scratch-resistant and have excellent properties to blend with other kitchen accessories.
Cons- Synthetic tiles are expensive. Installation can be a tedious job, for which a specialist has to be hired. To make your modular kitchen stand out like no other, consider a kitchen revamp with one of these premium dado tile materials. Decide for yourself what works best for your kitchen after weighing out the pros and cons. 
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