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Colourful and Cheerful Living Room Designs

Adding colour for pop living rooms!

If living rooms were asked to be described, the words that are most likely to be said are cheerful, inviting, peaceful and elegant. But when it comes to selecting a colour scheme for modern living room designs, a whopping number of homeowners would choose neutrals over lively shades. 

Most designers flinch from ideating bright colours in living room interior designs, instead, opt for soft hues and minimalist decor.  But think about colour splashed on walls, inviting more eyes to the details in living room designs. Colourful living rooms speak of vivacity, positive energy and a dash of creativity!

To explain this notion, we put together a few pop living room designs that made us think twice about sticking to just neutrals and soft shades!

  1. For homeowners who cannot let go of the neutral shade concepts, but also love a little colour, get a living room design with soft coloured walls paired with bright accents. 
  2. Printed rugs, bright sofa upholstery or colourful curtain fabrics can make a neutral themed living room look more lively and exciting! 
  3. Give the living room design a theme rather than mixing up a variety of colours. Themes can set the right mood for any house. 
  4. Why paint the walls when you can have bright wallpapers in living rooms? Give the space a bold look with patterned wallpaper and graceful accents! 
  5. If the idea of swathing many colours in living room designs scare you, choose a focal point where you can incorporate a pop of colour! Neutral shaded walls paired with bright artwork or even a coffee table can make a statement.
  6. Blending colours in living room designs need not be too bright for the eyes! Glossy or matte finish paint on living room walls can do the work of making it look shiny enough!
  7. Get creative with living room elements like tiles and plants. Tiles are a creative and enjoyable way to introduce colour without needing to do much in living room designs.
  8. Choose a dramatic rug that sets the living room floors in a puddle of colour! Be it a cool coloured theme or dark interior design, rugs are a great way to highlight the room.
  9. Want the living room to look a little groovy? Add neon shades to make the design look remarkably cool! Unexpected elements work wonders.
  10. Mix the same colour but in various tones for living room decor accents and elements. As long as you incorporate multiple tones, you can never use too much of one colour!

As a trend in elegant homes, the next big thing is to utilise colour in the living room that does not feel intimidating or appear overly forceful. So, get ready to start decorating your house with more colour with these inspirational suggestions! 

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