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Cleaning your In-built Modular Kitchen Appliances like a Pro!

Most modular kitchen retailers across India will be able to fit a selection of in-built sophisticated kitchen appliances for you, to complete your dream project. The most common modular kitchen appliances include the gas stove or hob and the chimney. However, a few retailers can also give you options for your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and water purifier. To take it a step further, others may even consider the appliances on your countertop- like the blender or an air fryer. 

For the sake of this article, we shall be discussing how you can clean your two most common modular kitchen appliances– the stove/hob and the chimney- like a professional.

Cleaning the Stove/ Hob

Kitchen hygiene begins and ends with a clean gas stove. A dirty gas stove, while taking away from the beauty of a modular kitchen, is highly unhygienic. It would be unimaginable roasting eggplants and capsicums or giving chapatis that final fluff on a surface that holds grease and old food particles. When left uncleaned, the grease contributes to aging the appliance. In unlikely situations, they may even present a fire hazard. 
It is recommended that the gas stove must be wiped clean every day. While some people advise using a mix of baking soda and salt to clean the stove, this must be avoided as it could scratch the surface. A better alternative would be to make a diluted version of your dishwashing liquid (dishwashing liquid+water) and use the soft portion of a sponge to wipe off any food debris.
Once every fortnight, it is recommended to deep clean the coils and drip pans which may have collected grime. Move the grates and burners and dip them in a solution of diluted dishwashing liquid. In the meantime, use the same mix on the stove and allow it to sit a few minutes as it collects the grime. Wipe off with a damp cloth (soft stains) or a soft toothbrush with a mix of salt and baking soda in a gentle motion (for tough stains) to get rid of any unwanted debris from below the stove coils. Be sure to check the fuel ports and ensure that they remain unclogged.

Cleaning the Chimney

Indian cooking has a high involvement of pressure cooking, frying and preparation of spicy or fried food. These may contribute to increased grime and stains on the chimney. 
To maintain your chimney in immaculate condition, make sure that you wipe it down with a microfiber cloth (refrain from using any liquid on the display) every day, right after you clean your stove. 
It is advised to do a deep cleaning of the chimney mesh filters every alternate month. Use a diluted dishwashing liquid and a scrubber to make it clean. You could also soak it overnight in this liquid to loosen up the tough stains. 

Ditch the harsh chemicals and overpriced cleaning liquids- this kitchen cleaning blog is about keeping it simple. All you need are a few basic equipment and ingredients available around the house. 

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