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Classy and Glassy- Glass Wardrobe Designs

The bedroom is one of the most decorated rooms in terms of interior. Of late, wardrobe designing has become a trend, and why not. It is one of the most used items of furniture in the house. It is not just furniture that holds our storage but also a piece of art that completes the room and gives the room a whole new fresh look.

The addition of glass to these stylish wardrobe designs takes the particular piece of furniture to a whole new level. Due to the availability of a variety of glasses and different designs and textures in the market today, the customer has multiple options to choose from on how they want their wardrobe to be customized.

Glasses are available in the form of transparent glass, tinted glass, lacquered glass, mirror glass, frosted glass, and pattern glass.

Some of the added advantages of having glass wardrobes are:

    • As it reflects light, it provides lots of brightness in the room
    • The room tends to look even more spacious
    • It gives an elegant and chic look to the existing wardrobe
    • It makes your wardrobe appear very organized and contemporary

Now, glass wardrobes do require good maintenance for the above points to weigh in and for them to look flawless.

  1.  The walk-in glass wardrobe design with floor-to-ceiling glass gives a very elegant and organized appearance. This may be slightly more expensive than the other options on this list but infinitely as beautiful. We can view and pick our outfits of the day from the comfort of the bed itself.
  2. A partial glass wardrobe is where only a section of the wardrobe is made using glass. This is where you can store items or books or souvenirs that are special and it adds an essence of glamour to the room.
  3. A mix of frosted glass and mirrors allows the room to look more spacious and bright, due to the reflection of the light. However, do consider Vastu, if you believe in it, to position the wardrobe appropriately. 
  4. A vertical mirror allows you to check out your whole outfit before you step out and also creates an elegant appearance to the room.
  5. Frosted glass wardrobe gives a perfect appearance as it does not reveal much of what’s inside but also shows a bit of how organized a wardrobe can look. 
  6. A combination of mirror and lacquered glass give the room a royal look and also makes it look more spacious.

Glasses are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Availability of different types can help us make our wardrobe looks even more sleek and classier. With a showroom in Ernakulam (Kochi) and Thrissur and servicing Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Idukki, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode (Calicut), Wayanad, Coimbatore, and Kannur areas, reach out to us at for designing a glass wardrobe design that you will love!

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