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Ceramic Coating Kitchen Shutters- a Minimalist’s Dream Come True!

One of the most aesthetic kitchen shutters finishes out there.

Have you ever held a dream of owning a home with a stunning minimalist kitchen? Your kitchen shutter design and finishes play a huge role in lending this aesthetic to your home. For the minimalist who craves something truly unique and spectacular, ceramic kitchen shutters are the answer. 

The Claytex ceramic coating kitchen shutters is a pasted variety and they lend an air of class and is one that is suited to both modern and traditional Kerala aesthetics. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the Claytex Italian ceramic finish over other kitchen shutter options out there and try to convince you why this may be the right choice for you!

1.Made of all-natural materials:

It is a well-known fact that ceramic is one of the oldest man-made materials to exist. Considering that it is fabricated using raw materials that occur in nature, it is completely recyclable and a wonderful option for those seeking sustainability in their kitchen design and their lives.

2. Low porosity 

Claytex is a variety of ceramic coating kitchen shutters that is low in porosity. Ceramic is usually a high porosity material but Claytex tackles what is usually considered a disadvantage of the ceramic material. This allows ceramic to be used in a high moisture zone like a kitchen with ease. The lower power of retaining water allows Claytex to transfer heat in a sensible manner too.

3. Weather resistant 

For a place like Kerala that has a fairly temperamental weather quality, it is important to invest on materials that are reasonably weather resistant. Come rain or shine, these ceramic finish kitchen shutters will withstand and survive! 

4. Durability

For a zone where a lot of work happens, it is crucial to pick out materials that are durable and last you in the long run. Ceramic which has low porosity has proven to be extremely durable, retaining its beauty over the years.

5. Aesthetics

Ceramic kitchen shutters are undeniably one of the most aesthetic and minimalist options that you could opt for in a kitchen redecor or remodel. With its unique black-coated aluminum profile and top-of-the-line appearance, it lends any kitchen a premium and rich look. However, it must be noted that Claytex kitchen shutters are only available in one color option.  

6. Handleless kitchen shutters 

Kitchen handles play an important role in shaping the final appearance of this heart of your home- it could easily make or break the look of the kitchen. One of the features of Claytex ceramic shutters is it makes your handleless kitchen dream into a reality! In addition to being more aesthetic, it is also extremely user friendly.  

7. Value for money

On paper, ceramic shutters may seem expensive but experts in the field and previous customers deem that it is worth it. In addition to all the advantages mentioned above and its superior appearance, it is a valid competitor to the higher priced Corian kitchen shutter variety. If you’re interested in transforming your kitchen into one that is sure to be a minimalist’s paradise using Claytex kitchen shutters, reach out to us at Bespoke Decor today!

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