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But What If You Could Get A Luxury Finish Shutter At An Affordable Cost?

The contemporary range of matte finish shutters makes your kitchen stand out!

When it comes to choosing kitchen shutters, the designs and types come in plenty of options. However, not everyone likes a customary, glossy look for their modular kitchen. This is precisely why non-glossy and matte finish kitchen shutters are in demand, especially in recent times. Not only do these kitchen shutter designs come with a luxury finish, but they’re available at a fairly affordable cost too.

What is Matt Pro? 

Popular for its horizontal and vertical applications, Matt Pro range of kitchen shutters are made with next generation acrylic resins, processed with electronic beam curing techniques. Matt Pro kitchen shutter designs also come in different kinds of materials, suitable for different kitchen styles.

What makes Matt Pro different from the other kitchen shutter finishes?

Apart from the elegance of the matte finish, these shutters have remarkable features that busy kitchens need. The thermal healing of micro scratches is a peculiarity of this kitchen finish. With extreme opacity and soft-touch aspects, Matt Pro kitchen shutters have an anti-fingerprint feature too. 

Having a non-glossy surface, these kitchen shutters are made of Russian BERGE plywood, which makes it highly durable with dust-free surfaces. To suit different kitchen styles, a wide variety of shades are available in the Matt Pro range, including matte white kitchens and matte grey kitchens.

The processing of Matt Pro

Initially, the raw material is inspected and an imported polymer-based adhesive which is water-resistant is spread uniformly on the board. The panels are then heated at a certain degree of temperature, from both sides. Later, the laminated sheets are cut with a panel saw generated from the optimiser. The raw edges of the sheet are edge banded after pre-milling operations. This prevents chipping of the sheet.

Why Matt Pro draws your attention

Matt Pro will make an aesthetically pleasing, matte finish kitchen cabinet for modular kitchens, giving it a zero-reflection surface. The color consistency is increased, thereby giving it a smooth look. These shutters come with a matching edge banding, adding a unique touch.

Apart from the rich look and enticing finish, Matt Pro shutter surfaces absorb light instead of reflecting it, making space look smaller. Therefore, these shutters are best for large or spacey kitchens.

For people who consider the kitchen as their main space, this is a worthy choice for your kitchen shutter. These budget-friendly kitchen shutters are equipped with quality features that never go out of style. 

If these Matt Pro shutters have caught your interest, get to know more about this range of kitchen finish. Contact us on +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 for more details. 

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