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Built-in Wardrobe Design Layouts

Make the most of your space!

Before we go ahead with the wardrobe design, the customer should be well aware of their requirements, budget, and available space. It is important to understand how every space that is meant for the wardrobe is used effectively and appears aesthetically appealing as well.

Customized wardrobes and planning their layouts are the most important ways to efficiently make use of the space. A built-in wardrobe can change the outlook of the room by incorporating those previously believed to be unusable corners that the traditional wardrobes cannot do.

Let’s have a look at a few built-in wardrobe layouts available in the Indian market today:

1. Door type

Sliding doors are preferred these days as it occupies less room space and is easy to use. Hinged doors are also an option if we want to have a complete look at all the contents inside the wardrobe at a single glance.

2. Mirrored doors

This is a new type of design where the whole door can be fitted with a mirror or be partially covered. It gives an added aesthetic advantage to the room. Mirrored doors help in reflecting the light thus making the room much brighter and spacious.

3. Use corners wisely

Use the corners or bends in the room to make additional closets. This extra loft or awkwardly shaped closet space can be used up to store old suitcases or seasonal clothes and blankets.

4. Staggered use of vertical space

Split your vertical space into two hanger rails for two different types of clothing. This particular idea can be used when your wardrobe space is less and clothes are more.

5. Plan for footwear storage

Make sure you use the space on the bottom of your built-in wardrobe for footwear and make the shelves accordingly. There are several specific shoe storage accessories you could invest in to pack maximum shoes in minimal space.

6. Light it up

Use different kinds of lighting inside your wardrobe for better visibility and accessibility.

7. Accessories for accessories

If you are using a hinged door make sure to add components on the inside part of the door to hang accessories like belts, ties, and some jewelry.

8. Consider ergonomics

Shelves should be arranged in an ergonomic position from where we can pick clothes that are frequently used.

9. Plan and Marie Kondo-up your wardrobe

Divide your wardrobe space based on the amount of clothing and the type of clothing you have. This gives a very organized Marie Kondo-style approach. You can easily pick and choose what you most frequently use and what can be donated or dumped.

10. Close-minded to open wardrobes

Open wardrobes give a very adventurous approach making all your clothes visible thus organized. However, there is a drawback. Choosing a closed wardrobe is recommended if your area is prone to dust. Built-in wardrobes are a permanent type of design. So, a lot of factors have to be considered before finalizing the layout. It is not meant for people who frequently like to shift or move their furniture around the room for an all-new look. Ensure that you are well aware of the measurements and number of clothes before building one.

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