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Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms

Make a statement!

With modern bedroom designs taking on minimalism and soft shades as a popular choice, daring colour palettes and striking interior designs are typically seen as ‘chaotic’ in homes. But is that really true? 

You would be surprised to know that bold bedroom schemes can create a rendezvous of perfectionism with colours, prints and patterns that does not break the look of the bedroom design. Take a look at five fabulous bedroom interior designs that literally define the word ‘valiant’ in modern bedrooms! 

1. Creative and playful in pink 

Mesmerise your guests with a wonderland of pinks! Choose a pastel pink bed frame to start with, and go on with contrasting pink tones on walls, accent pieces and artwork that matches the tone. Mix bright pinks with darker shades like coral and purples to finish off an energising bedroom look! 

2. Turquoise twist 

Teal shades in bedroom designs are just as striking in muted tints. For bedroom interiors with less natural light, choose a bold colour such as turquoise and its corresponding shades as it will not absorb too much light. Adorn the bedroom decoration with pastel shades or brass elements for a classy touch. 

3. Black beauty

Designing a bedroom in black sets a startling tone and modernises any environment! For a striking contrast, pair this rich colour with natural textures and plants within the bedroom interior design. 

4. Modern Moroccan 

Make a stunning impact with classic Moroccan colours like lime green and pinks that stand out with other bold shades like purple as the backdrop. Style the bedroom decor with metal furniture and hanging lamps. A lovely stencilled border ties the whole look together! 

5. Stylish blocks

Introduce a lot of colours with colour blocking with greens, oranges, yellows (or just about anything bright!) to your bedroom design to make it a fun space. Choose a vivid shade like blue for the wall and fill the bed with a variety of coloured cushions. Style the bedroom with decor accessories like funky lampshades and modern art on walls. 

Spruce up a bedroom design with these bold hues and add some clever interior details. Truth be told, vibrant colours can turn a drab area into a standout scheme, be it any part of the house! 

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