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Bedroom side tables- the how, what and why!

All your doubts answered write your detail or leave blank. Have you ever thought of the style quotient that a compact piece of furniture near your bed could have? Apart from being a functional unit for a room design, bedside tables can pair perfectly with the latest bed designs. 

Before you decide to get your bedroom decorating ideas in action, make sure you don’t overlook this simple piece of furniture that could elevate the glam factor of your bedroom design. Sometimes, a bedroom side table is all it takes to leave a lasting impact on the bedroom decor! 

How do you decide if a side table is required for your modern bedroom design?

Let’s break it down- sometimes this bedroom accessory may be a waste of space, but otherwise, a bedside table can keep your space organized. When redecorating the interiors of your bedroom, nothing is absolutely necessary unless a purpose is attached to decor elements. 

Hence, bedroom side tables can be a necessity in spacious bedrooms and rooms that absolutely require storage units.

Are you a book lover? Do you need to have important things like keys or a bottle of water right next to your bed? Is your main light switch far from your bed? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you may consider getting a bedroom side table for your room. Even if you answered ‘no’, bedside tables add poise to modular bedroom designs. 

What are some of the best styles of bedside tables available today?

Bedroom decorating ideas that involve changing a few room accents must include styling your bedside too. Nonetheless, consider the functionality that syncs with the design of your bedroom. How well can you make a mere piece of furniture look beautiful in that corner? Here are a few design ideas that we absolutely love!

1. Leggy side tables These bedroom side tables are a perfect addition to small bedroom designs. Even though it appears long, the side table creates a faux illusion of having more area in the room. This design can also be modified to have a storage drawer, or even a flat space to keep things on it.

2. Metal finish bedside tables– These designs are great for modular bedroom layouts, as metal finish adds a sheen to the space. A metallic base with a contemporary leg design and a frosted glass top is a great example. 

3. Rustic-finish side tablesIf you love adding a touch of vintage to your room decor ideas, experimenting with a bedroom side table is a good start! These designs go well with cottage-style bedrooms and simple bedroom designs. The upside? Budget-friendly, practical and never go out of style! 

4. Bedside tables with wheels – If you like changing your room decor once in a while, consider getting a bedside table that moves with your ideas, literally! A design with wheels helps you move it around easily whenever and wherever you need the side table.

5. Narrow side tables with reversible storage space- A sleek design with functional space, this bedroom side table can be used to hide a few things that make the table look crowded. The top portion of the table can be opened for keeping valuables inside. 

There are plenty of bedroom side tables to choose from and truly we haven’t done justice to the ideas shared above. Getting a side table with impeccable style needs to fit your budget too, hence pick what goes best with your modular room design

And lastly, why are bedside tables more popular than nightstands?

Usually, nightstands come in pairs and have drawers that support storage. Not all bedrooms have the area to accommodate two nightstands with other bedroom decor accents. Additionally, nightstand designs look more appealing when it matches the bed design.

A bedroom side table can stand as a single piece of furniture and function just as well. A single yet elegant side table is all it takes to add that spark to a modular bedroom design, big or small! 

Bedroom side tables can be modified with accents like lighting or photo frames. Nevertheless, every home will find a perfect bedside table that suits the room! 

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