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Bedroom Redesign- Using Psychology to Set the Right Mood

The happiest you’ll ever be now in the comfort of your bedroom! 

It comes as no surprise that your bedroom decor has a monumental impact on your emotions. Design is so much more than how a room looks, it’s more about how a room makes you feel.

This has birthed an entire discipline in the field known as the psychology of interior design! In a newly renovated room using these principles of interior design psychology, with slight alterations to the color scheme, textures from the false ceiling design to the floor, layout, and textiles used in the room, tenants feel a tremendous change in their moods.


Take this questionnaire to see where your home currently stands on how it impacts your mood. 

  • What is the overpowering emotion evoked when you first enter your bedroom?

If you feel calm, relaxed, and happy, then your room could do with just a few minor tweaks. However, if you feel agitated, cramped, and disturbed, reconsider the different elements of the room and notice an immediate change. 

  • Do you feel like the room has good circulation? 

Having enough fresh air and ample circulation has a considerable impact on your mood. With large windows and a good cycle of air circulation, you feel elated and happier than you would in a dark room devoid of circulation. 

  • Have you designated different zones in your room for rest, productivity, and sleep?

If there is an overlap of the zones meant for different purposes, your feeling of rest or productivity may be impacted. Be careful to keep distinct areas to maximize your intention in the zone. Areas of rest must be characterized by soft textures and angles while areas of focus like your office zone should have sharp angles and textures. 

  • Do the colors in your bedroom make you feel relaxed? Do the decor elements match that intention? 

Right from the false ceiling design for your bedroom to the bed linens to the curtains and lampshades, every element of your bedroom’s design should put you in a state of relaxation. 

Recommended Bedroom Colours

  • Pink is a warm hue that comes highly recommended for the bedroom as it is a color that represents romance and love. Red may be a little overwhelming when overdone, but can be considered for an accent element in the bedroom. 
  • Green is a color synonymous with rest and this cool color is a known stress reliever making it a popular choice for the bedroom.
  • Blue is a soothing cool color lending a feeling of calm. However, avoid pastel blues in a bedroom as they could clash and make the room too frigid.
  • Light purple is another close cousin of blue that can make the room appear luxe and promote a sense of relaxation.
  • Brown lends a warm and cozy feel which suits traditional decor styles. 
  • Grey is a current favorite shade in interior design circles for bedroom paint due to the edgy yet warm feel it evokes. 
  • White is a classic choice that makes the tenant feel calm and makes a room look airy and uncluttered. 

If you’re designing an all-new bedroom, keep the elements of room psychology in mind when making a decision- and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

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