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Bedroom art to take your room decor to the next level!

Say Hello to art & style. No matter the style and size of your room design, the bedrooms of your house speak volumes for the comfort you expect from this personal space. When redecorating a modern bedroom design, make the most of it by adding a reflection of your impeccable style and taste.

From fabric to abstract art, a bedroom interior design holds an important role in its atmosphere. 

  • Choose the mood that best suits the room

The idea of colour psychology has been used in almost all industries to elevate brand values. Would you be surprised if we told you the same applies to your bedroom colour as well? 

Choosing a shade that defines a personality can go beyond aesthetics. Colours like yellow radiate energy whereas shades of pink mark femininity or youth. Black and white bedroom art create a getaway mood from all that is lively or engaging. A solid shade, a dual abstract or even a mix of colours are options to think of.

Here are a few inspirational points that we have put together for your bare bedroom walls, or maybe a new bedroom!

  • Choose wall art that compliments the space

Wall art is a great way to amp up the space in your bedroom interior design. However, the space between the bed placement and artwork should be kept at a distance to highlight the decor element. If you love art, play a little with your innovative skills to mix and match colour schemes, giving versatility to the decor accents. 

  • Choose a size that matters

When it comes to placing wall art, go for sizes that fill at least two-thirds to three-quarters of the bedroom wall. However, small-sized bedroom designs may not favour large artwork on walls. Large paintings and artwork can make the room look spacious as well. 

  • Choose the art you want to see

Bedroom interior designs can have anything, really. So, why not think outside the box? Depending on the size of the bedroom, wall art styles like placing fabric rugs on walls, a personalised travel map, beaded or macrame wall art or painting a mural are some of the designs that draw attention. For a children’s bedroom, go for alphabets on plankings or playful paintings on walls. In short, there are plenty of options to create whimsical wall art for bedrooms!

  • Choose to style it your way

Whether you love getting lost in thoughts or adding a little zest to your personal space, choose the art style that tells a story. For example, bedroom decorating ideas with a children’s theme will create a playful yet sophisticated look when adding a few toys, cute cushions and a splash of colour. Similarly, bedroom designs looking for a palatial makeover, integrating deep portraits, rich colours and lush textiles will speak for themselves. Looking to escape from a day of hectic work? Choose scenic photographs, abstract art or tranquil paintings for your wall.

Where is a good place to incorporate wall art in the bedroom?

A common space to hang wall art would be right above your bed, but why not think of the opposite wall? If there is a moderate amount of space that wouldn’t ruin the charm of your bedroom interior design, incorporating wall art is never a bad idea. Placing mirrors or hanging wall-mounted faux plants are graceful elements in a bedroom design

What else should you know about bedroom art?

  • Bedroom interior decorating ideas should be planned out well, so choose art statements that fit your budget
  • Support local artists or make a DIY piece!
  • If you plan on buying, invest in one or two unique pieces that will stay forever
  • Before deciding on refurbishing your bedroom interior design, keep reference pictures that match the size of your bedroom
  • Give up irrelevant wall elements before placing new ones!

You may be an art enthusiast, a book worm or even a teenager at heart. But the walls in your bedroom design need a dash of your personality. Get your creativity on and give life to those walls! 

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