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Arrange your wardrobe like a professional wardrobe organiser does

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Do you know that the ultimate wardrobe nightmare for a professional wardrobe organizer would be? A cluttered wardrobe.

Having an unorganized wardrobe is a very unpleasant and unaesthetic visual that reflects poorly on the user of the wardrobe. Most of the time, this happens due to poor layout planning or having lots of clothes to store in that particular space, or both. There is always a way to organize wardrobes even if one has a small wardrobe design. When planning your wardrobe design, set yourself up for success with a great layout that fits your needs to the T!

Here is a list of do’s that you can follow to get an ideal organized wardrobe:

    • Make use of your vertical spaces very wisely. Arrange according to the type of clothing and try not to mix different clothes. For example, arrange shirts together, followed by pants and so on. This makes for a very decluttered visual that is easy on the eyes and easy to use too.
    • Sides of vertical spaces can also be used to place hooks that are ideal to hang accessories such as hats, jewelry, and small bags. These hangers or hooks to store miscellaneous items are very cost-effective and are worth it for the space they conserve. 
    • Try to place a divider between clothes so that it is easily distinguishable between different types of clothing. This is especially ideal for a couple’s wardrobe where clothes can be separated from one another.
    • The use of labeled bins is also an ideal way to organize smaller clothing materials. Labels with different bin colors make your wardrobe look very pleasing.
    • Drawers can have small boxes where you can store your jewelry and socks. You can save a lot of time in searching through the mess, once a designated box is given for a particular item. 
    • Use of a shoe rack or accessories designed to store footwear in a minimal space in the lower compartments is a great way to organize them. Try to arrange it in a manner of type and color that makes it easy to identify while also being appealing to look at.
    • If there is a bigger wardrobe space, it would be ideal to dedicate a particular shelf space for a single type of clothing- one for formal shirts, one for casual tee-shirts, one for pants, and so on. What would make it even more neat is folding them and stacking them according to similar color tones.
    • Smaller wardrobes can use hooks in every corner of the wardrobe with extendable railings. 
    • Organize drawers and label them as weekend and weekday clothes if you want to take things further with your arrangement to amp up overall ease.
    •  This may come as a shocker but shower rings can be used to hang your ties and scarves neatly.
    • Kids’ wardrobes can be arranged with the help of labeled bins as they have lots of toys and books. This encourages them to maintain their wardrobes neatly too while also developing a sense of independence. 
    • Use bins made up of different fabrics to give an esthetic look and store out-of-season clothes in the upper compartments.
    • Do a regular deep cleaning of the wardrobe every 4 months- to figure out which items you need and ones that can be donated or thrown away. A helpful tip to assess which items to give away is to turn all the hangers one way when you finish organizing the wardrobe. After use, turn the hanger the other way around with the item on it. The next time you get to deep cleaning, look for the hangers facing the initial way and donate or dispose of those items as they are frequently used. 

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