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All False Ceilings exorbitantly priced- True or False?

You may be surprised to find out that not all False Ceiling Designs warrant breaking the bank!

With the various types and materials of false ceilings available in the market today along with the additions that one could include, one may face confusion on how much of their budget to chalk out for a false ceiling design

This article takes you through the nitty-gritties of false ceiling prices in India right from the different factors that influence their cost and the price of the different materials in Kochi (a Tier-II city).

Different factors influencing the price of false ceilings

If one was to invest in a false ceiling design for their living room, it is wise to remain aware of the factors that could potentially increase or decrease the cost. These include:

1. False ceiling design- 

A more detailed and elaborate design will require more resources and material, thereby driving up the cost. If you’re trying to restrict your false ceiling budget, opt for an easy simple ceiling design. More complex designs with geometric shapes and/or layers will be a little more expensive.

2. Total area to be covered by the false ceiling-

This may seem obvious but it is a rather important aspect to consider when deciding on the budget to allot towards your false ceiling. Yes, larger areas will require more of a spend as compared to smaller ones. But the cost per sq ft of false ceiling materials will be lower for larger areas due to the bulk order it would necessitate.

3. Material used to create false ceiling design 

The materials that can be used to create false ceiling designs range from budget friendly gypsum and POP ceiling design to more expensive wooden ceiling design. If you opt for a wooden ceiling appearance, there are still cost differences within the category. PVC wood is the cheapest, plywood is mid-range and marine ply is slightly higher in price. Hardwood like teak or MDF would be highest on the price range. 

4. Cost of raw materials used for false ceilings-

The cost of the different components used to manufacture the false ceiling design you have in mind greatly influences the final cost of the completed project. There are major differences in different parts of India- with the pricing higher in metro cities and lower in smaller towns. Most Keralite cities lie in the mid-budget range. 

5. Fixtures-

All false ceilings are fitted with light fixtures and/or electrical components like fans. Apart from the cost of buying the fixture, the addition of wiring, lighting, finishing and cutting is labour intensive which would again add to the price.

Cost range per sq ft for different false ceiling materials

Below is a list of the possible materials for false ceiling designs and their approximate cost per sq ft at Bespoke Decor in Thrissur and Kochi. 

  • Gypsum – Rs 65 to 250 per sq ft 
  • Plaster of Paris (POP) – ______________
  • Wooden False Ceiling-  
      • PVC- ______________
      • Plywood- ______________
      • Marine Ply- ______________
      • MDF- ______________
      • Natural wood (eg- teak)- ______________
  • Glass (over cost of base material)- 
  • Acrylic (over cost of base material)-
  • Metals (over cost of base material)-

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In conclusion, not ALL false ceiling designs are exorbitantly priced- they range from budget-friendly to premium based on several influencing factors. 

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