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All about the accents – Accent Wall inspiration for your Bedroom

From extending false ceiling designs to wallpapers and lights on accent walls!

Accent walls are the most loved design element even for the novice interior designer for the endless potential it holds. A bedroom is a sanctuary for most and the addition of an accent wall to match just completes the warmth of the space. There are so many things you could do to give an edge to the accent wall- you could extend the false ceiling design in your bedroom to include the accent wall, you could add a striking wallpaper, lights hold incredible transformative powers and artwork is an option too! Let’s examine each of these closely and find what may be a perfect fit for your bedroom. 

You may have a confusion on which wall to select as the accent wall. The rule of thumb generally considers the wall behind the bed, but you could be as innovative as you please when making a selection. 

Let’s open the pandora’s box of options for the bedroom accent wall:

1. False ceiling design in the bedroom extending into accent wall design: If you’ve taken up a recent bedroom redesign project or the bedroom is fairly new, chances are there is a bespoke false ceiling design created for it. A really beautiful design idea is to extend the simple bedroom ceiling design towards the accent wall for a homogenous flow. Make sure that the colours and textures match to make the most of this design. This design would be most apt for the wall situated behind your bed. 

For instance, if you have a panelled PVC or wooden ceiling design, the accent wall could complement this look with wooden wall panelling behind the bed.

2. WOW Wallpapers:

The use of a single-wall wallpaper is a tried and tested method to decorate the accent wall in the bedroom. There’s so much that wallpapers can do, in terms of the design. 

  • Patterned wallpaper like the chevron print, houndstooth, a honeycomb pattern or geometric patterns could add an edge to an otherwise boring bedroom. 
  • Botanical wallpaper with floral designs or tropical prints in inviting colours makes for an impactful look in a bedroom. Be sure to pair the bedroom linens to the colours on the wallpaper. 
  • Inspired by fantasy and whimsy, use dark coloured wallpapers with intricate designs in the form of mural wallpapers
  • Marbled wallpapers add a classy and modern touch to the bedroom.

3. Light it up:

Using lights to change up the look of your accent wall is another beautiful idea that you should consider. If you choose to keep artwork above your bed, using lights to frame and highlight it is a wonderful option. The use of sconces, backlighting or uplighting to bring attention to the artwork is a preferred choice for the bedroom accent wall.

4. One touch of colour:

For a kid’s bedroom accent wall, use chalkboard paint to paint the entire wall. This would be ideal for a free wall in their room, which is not situated behind

5. Choose Chalkboard:

For a kid’s bedroom accent wall, use chalkboard paint to paint the entire wall. This would be ideal for a free wall in their room, which is not situated behind the bed. You needn’t worry about them ruining your clean walls when they have a dedicated wall to express their creativity. With a showroom in Ernakulam (Kochi) and Thrissur and servicing Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Idukki, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode (Calicut), Wayanad, Coimbatore and Kannur areas, reach out to us at for accent wall inspiration to to get the transformation started. 

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