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Additional Modular Kitchen Costs that you must Consider

Some things add character and substance to your modular kitchen to make it as splendid as the rest of your living space. They may add to the final modular kitchen price but are worthy investments. Read on to discover what they are.


A variety of countertops with varied textures and price range, are available in the market today. They include (but are not restricted to): 

  • Granite countertops

These are the most popular ones and add an elegant sheen to the kitchen. These stay cool and dissipate heat from the hot cooking pots very rapidly. They may increase the cost of the kitchen, but are very durable.

  • Laminate countertops

These come in a multitude of colour options and are very easy to install. They are essentially plastic bonded with fibre boards. 

  • Quartz, soapstone countertops

These stone-based countertops may not be as popular as the previous options but can be installed based on the client’s requirements


Dado Tiles contribute to the backsplash of the kitchen and come in different textures, colors, and customisations, a few of which have been listed below: 

  • Stone tiles

They can be used to match the kitchen countertops, to give a seamless appearance. Quartz and soapstone tiles give the kitchen a somber appearance.

  • Ceramic tiles

These are a good option as they are easy to clean and maintain. They come in many colors and prints.

  • Glass tiles

If modular kitchen cost is not a problem for you, then you should invest in these beautiful designer tiles that take your kitchen design to the next level. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean too.


Kitchen sinks can again be of several types. Consider how many bowls you need in your kitchen sink, their position, and a design that suits your modular kitchen best. Basically, the most seamless and efficient ones will add to the cost of your kitchen– and its value too.


According to the direction in which the faucets need to be extended to spray water, they can be characterised as the pull-out type and pull-down type. As the names suggest, they can be extended to spray water in the desired direction.Single and double handle tap are available in the market, though the latter is trending more in modern homes. For your hot and cold water needs, double handle taps are ideal. Motion detector taps and faucets are the most sophisticated types. They also save water but do add to the cost of the kitchen.


Steel pipes may be used for gas pipelining but they are not lightweight and give an untidy appearance because of their several joints.
Corrugated stainless steel pipes are popular for being lightweight without a lot of joints and can be bent around nooks and corners easily, so they can be integrated to the kitchen design.
PVC is also a flexible material and is found most commonly in Indian kitchens.


Ducted chimneys are a better option than chimneys without ducts as they ventilate the kitchen better. Ductless chimneys with carbon filters are however most commonly found in Indian homes. They do add to the cost of your kitchen but they are a very good investment as far as the health of the family members is concerned. Core cutting is done to keep the chimney ducts outside the house.


These waterproof, termite-resistant boards can be placed under the countertops that are made of laminates, so when the latter chips off, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) boards withstand the moisture and wear and tear. WPC comes in different colours and can add the desired effect to modular kitchen design.


Installation of chimneys, hobs, cooktops, oven, dishwashers, refrigerators and other essential appliances definitely have to be considered while planning out a budget. These can be built-in or added later, as per requirement. Do crosscheck if your modular kitchen vendor includes the cost of installation as part of their quoted price.Be prepared for elevations in your modular kitchen price- consider it an investment towards building a happy kitchen that will last for a long time to come.

Be sure to reach out to a trustworthy modular kitchen expert like Bespoke Decor to ensure transparency in the entire process. 

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