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A Walkthrough Of All You Need To Know About Walk-in Wardrobes

It’s your turn to open the closet doors to ultimate luxury!

Have you ever dreamt of choosing your clothes and accessories just by taking a stroll around your wardrobe? Here’s the answer to one such modern wardrobe design– A walk-in wardrobe design for the contemporary home layout. If you’re looking for a wardrobe design that caters to the organised-fashion enthusiast in you, investing in this sleek wardrobe design is a great choice. 

With a little bit of imagination and space in your room, designing a walk-in wardrobe need not burn a hole in your pocket. However, planning a few tips before starting to design this latest wardrobe style could go a long way. Here are a few points to keep in mind, if you ever plan on walking into your stylish wardrobe!

1. The space- utilise it well.

  • Remember that your storage requirements play the most important role here. Walk-in wardrobes are best suited for rooms with large spaces, else investing in such wardrobe styles may be counterproductive if unplanned. However, with the right team by your side, you could fulfil this wish even with minimal space and good planning. 
  • Keep separate spaces for clothes, shoes and other accessories. Clothes could be hung neatly as well as folded and placed on designated shelves, shoes and accessories could have separate drawers or stands and even a full-length mirror could be a useful element to enhance the beauty of this wardrobe style. 

2. The layout- see what goes best with your architectural design

  • Island walk-in wardrobes require plenty of space, where storage can be arranged in all corners, with a separate island unit in the middle. 
  • Single-sided walk-in wardrobes are best in small spaces and this is a common design layout. However, there is clearance access to space. 
  • Double-sided walk-in wardrobes have a clear pathway in the middle, with storage spaces on the opposing walls. These modern wardrobe designs can be fit in medium to small spaces. 
  • Wraparound walk-in wardrobes are a luxurious alternative to island walk-in wardrobes and require large to medium spaces for their design. Storage units can be fitted on all walls. 
  • Corner walk-in wardrobes are a newer layout to accommodate a walk-in unit in a more compact area. It utilises the corner area with the closet doors placed diagonally and easily fits one person inside!

3. The budget- Go easy on your pocket (or not)!]

  • Design your modular wardrobe based on a fixed budget, keeping in mind the kind of space allowed to work on.
  • For smaller spaces, walk-in wardrobes can act like a ‘room divider’, but function like any other wardrobe. Whereas, for rooms with the luxury of space, walk-in wardrobes can be fitted with multiple functionalities to make them look suave. 

4. The lighting- spotlight on the wardrobe

  • A well-planned walk-in wardrobe should not compromise on the lighting that can significantly highlight the overall practicality of a wardrobe.
  • LED and fluorescent lights are great options for walk-in wardrobes, as they are better in power efficiency than traditional lighting options. 
  • Have a window in your walk-in wardrobe? For what it’s worth, try letting in natural light!

If implemented with careful thought and attention, a modern wardrobe design like a walk-in wardrobe can be a sight for sore eyes. With all the tips stated above, now you can start planning on the ‘walk-in wardrobe of your dreams’!

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