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A Guide to an Ornate Ceiling- False Ceiling Designs, Fans, Lights & More

Gift yourself a whole new ceiling view!

The fifth wall of a room holds unlimited design potential- so, make the most of it by designing an ornate ceiling. Stray away from the mundane and transform the room’s roof with a statement false ceiling design, innovative fans, bespoke lights, and a lot more!

Stunning False Ceiling Design

To add architectural interest and an added dimension to an otherwise plain room, explore the numerous false ceiling designs offered by interior designers.
From simple POP and gypsum, false ceiling designs to the latest wooden false ceiling designs and everything in between like PVC and metal false ceiling designs, the design possibilities are endless.

  • Make a statement with a pop of bold color- don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure that your decor compliments the color well. 
  • Neutral painted ceilings in shades of white, brown, or black are classy yet impactful to complete the look of a space.
  • High gloss ceilings give a mirrored appearance at half the cost and effort while also making the room look a lot bigger than it is. 
  • Contrast-colored ceilings are perfect for those who like a little risque element in their home decor. Research which colors contrast each other well and use that pairing when painting the ceiling. Nice color combinations include blue-gold, coral-blue, and green-navy. 
  • Match the accent wall color and print and extend it into the ceiling for a transformative appearance. 

Wonderful Wallpapers

  • Polka dots are a minimalist wallpaper style that could make your ceiling more beautiful without doing a lot. 
  • Striped wallpaper on the ceilings tends to have a higher impact and lend a retro look to the room. 
  • Botanical designs are all the rage at the moment- and for good reason. Botanical wallpapers on the ceiling have a therapeutic effect to look at before dozing off to sleep. 
  • Geometric patterned wallpapers in various colors are another good option to explore.
  • Murals as ceiling wallpapers can give an impactful appearance- make sure to keep the rest of the decor minimalistic so the design is not too overwhelming. 
  • Black and white contrast wallpaper for nursery ceiling is a great way to activate newborns’ sense of color perception and improve their focus. 

Opt for a fancy LED ceiling fan or a ceiling fan design that is unique to suit your space- there are so many tropical, sleek and traditional options in the market today to choose from.

Bespoke Ceiling Light Designs

Chandeliers and light fixtures in intricate patterns can beautify your room and make it a visual highlight on your fifth wall! Don’t skimp when it comes to ceiling lights, for sure.

Miscellaneous Fixtures

  • Breathe life into your space with plants suspended on beams or placed in pots on the ceiling! 
  • Add texture and architectural interest with 3D fixtures and suspended decor elements. 
  • Textile is a great temporary option to add beauty to the ceiling of a room when adorned in drapery. 

Which ideas do you love? Discuss with our interior designers to chart out what can be made a reality within your space!
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