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A Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Modular Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Regular cleaning prolongs your modular kitchen’s life.

So, you went ahead and made your move to invest in that beautiful modular kitchen of your dreams. Without a doubt, it is now that spot of your home constantly bustling with activity. Whether you are deep frying hot pazham-pozhis for your family or tossing around a salad with your favorite vinaigrette, there’s so much happening that cannot be seen at a macroscopic level. Oil splatters onto your kitchen appliances, dust accumulation within your kitchen cabinets, and countertops – all of this impact your kitchen’s life. You may have your doubts and concerns on how to maintain it to look like it is brand new, even several years down the line.

The answer is simple- kitchen cleaning. Kitchen cleaning has been often associated with dreary and physically intensive tasks. What is often overlooked are those little things that we can do on a daily basis, which barely take any time or effort, to prolong the vitality of your modular kitchen’s life.

Top Tip: You can even type and print out the list below, place it in a clear file folder to be propped atop your refrigerator and use a whiteboard marker to tick off the activities you have completed. This allows you to keep a tab on what’s completed and you can easily reuse it the next day or week after wiping it clean using a cloth or a whiteboard eraser. 

The following easy to understand, easier to implement kitchen cleaning schedule and checklist is a favourite amongst all those who have given it a try in their modular kitchens. The schedule has been divided based on tasks to be done daily, weekly, monthly or annually.


Daily Cleaning Checklist

1. Cooktop 

Use: A mix of baking soda and water 
Frequency: Once, at the end of the day
Tips: To avoid scratching your hob, make sure that you do not scrub too hard, and use a soft sponge or cloth. 

2. Sink  

Use: Dish soap or dishwashing liquid for vessels, lemon & vinegar mixture with a scrubbing brush for the sink 
Frequency: Dishes must be done after every meal whereas sink cleaning can be done once at the end of the day. 
Tips: Dry all the vessels before you place them in the kitchen cabinets to prevent bacterial growth and odor.

3. Countertop

Use: Mild cleaning liquid diluted in water or lemon juice with a soft sponge
Frequency: Once at the end of the day. 

4. Kitchen Floor 

Use: Broom, Mop, Floor Cleaning Liquid  
Frequency: Broom kitchen floor once at the end of the day. Mopping can be done every other day, in case of no spills or oil stains. 


Weekly Cleaning Checklist

1. Kitchen Cabinet Surface

Use: Microfiber cloth to wipe down any stains or splatters on the cabinets. 
Tips: Ensure that there is a good closure seal to prevent contamination of the cabinets’ contents from external factors. 

2. Tiles

Use: Tile cleaner, toothbrush 
Frequency: Clean the tiles using a tile cleaner and a cloth every week. The joints may be cleaned less frequently using a toothbrush (be careful to avoid scratching the tiles) 

3. Kitchen Appliances 

Use: Lukewarm water, lemon juice 
Tips: Clean the inside of your refrigerator and microwave using a mix of lukewarm water and lemon juice to retain a pleasant odour. 


Monthly Cleaning Checklist

1. Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers (Inside)

Use: Soft cloth or sponge 
Tips: Empty the cabinets once every month, discard expired items, clean the shelves using a soft cloth or sponge, and reorganise the items. 

2. Pipes and Faucets 

Use: Diluted vinegar
Tips: Shining pipes and faucets can make your kitchen look brand new for years to come! 

3. Ceiling Fans 

Use: Ceiling fan broom or a dry cloth 
Tips: Ensure that there are no edible items on the counters left open as you are cleaning your kitchen fan.


Annual Cleaning Checklist

1. Vents & Exhaust Fans 

Use: Warm water and vinegar
Tips: Do not hesitate to reach out to a professional if you are unsure of how to clean your vents and exhaust fans.

2. Chimney 

Use: Diluted vinegar water 
Tips: Do not hesitate to reach out to a professional if you are unsure of how to clean your chimney.With these small changes, you can keep your modular kitchen clean, making it look just like the day Bespoke Decor first installed it in your home! A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!

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