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A Comprehensive Tutorial on How to Pick an Oven for Baking!

Oven fresh delicacies baked at home will soon be a reality.

The hunt for that perfect oven for baking in Indian households usually begins with a spark of an idea to bake oven-fresh delicacies in the comfort of your home. Many cooking channels have recipes on how to bake cakes using pressure cookers and other commonly spotted appliances but nothing quite compares to the feeling of digging into a moist cake baked in your oven.

Oven Types to Choose From in India

If you’re designing or remodeling your modular kitchen and are looking to add this handy kitchen appliance to aid with your cooking and baking process, look no further. Let’s look at the two oven types you can choose from, solely based on design:

  • Countertop oven:

As the name suggests, this variant occupies a significant amount of space on your kitchen countertop. They come in a variety of dimensions and it is important to consider how much you will be baking when picking one out. 

  • Built-in oven: 

The more sensible option would be the built-in oven which is incorporated flawlessly and in an ergonomic manner into your modular kitchen design. It would most often be placed at eye level and rest within a wall cove or into an assigned cabinet, thereby not invading your countertop space. The built-in oven price may be higher than a countertop one but it is better in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. As mentioned above, ovens can be of various sizes which is highly dependent on the family size. In terms of size, ovens may be classified as: 

  • 20 L Ovens

For a basic addition to your modular kitchen to inspire the novice baker in you to feed up to 4 people, this size of the oven may work best. 

  • 32 L Ovens 

For families having to cater to up to 6 people with moderate baking needs, a 32 L oven is ideal. 

  • 40 L Ovens 

If baking is fairly commonplace in your household and your baked treats await feeding 8 or so hungry mouths, this size is recommended. 

  • 60 L Ovens 

Several entrepreneurs run home baking businesses selling bread, cakes, and other baked goods. For them, a 60 L oven would be an absolute requirement to deal with the large volume of orders. For those who want to make a decision on which oven to buy based on their function, the following classification may prove to be helpful: 

  • Microwave Oven with Convection 

Most of the Indian population believe that a microwave is one of those must-have kitchen appliances, so it only makes sense for them to invest in an appliance that offers them a two-in-one benefit to reheat their food as well as a grill, roast, or bake goodies interchangeably. This is a great option to save space too and is available in countertop and built-in varieties. 

  • Oven Toaster Grill (OTG) 

This is usually the oven of choice for those looking to bake cakes or bread as this oven price is lower than a microwave oven with convection. They are further subdivided into two varieties:

  • Conventional OTG 

This traditional OTG is suitable for small families and they have heating coils positioned to surround the food with hot air. Unfortunately, this is considered a disadvantage since it may result in an unevenly baked end-product. 

  • OTG with Convection 

For those who want to avoid an unevenly baked product and still want a more economical option to a microwave oven with convection, the OTG with convection is a wonderful option. It is fitted with a fan to circulate and distribute the air within the oven in an even manner. We hope this guide has helped you arrive on a decision regarding your choice of oven. Happy baking to you from Bespoke Decor!

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