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6 Different Bedroom Headboard Designs

Unquestionably, bedrooms should be made the ultimate comfort zone of a home, whether it is to curl up on the bed or simply make it a cozy work area. When thinking of bedroom decorating ideas, never forget how useful the bed can turn out to be! 

Headboards are a vertical panel attached to one end of the bed design that offers functionality as well as charm to the bedroom. With these accent pieces in the bedroom, maximise the comfort of bed designs that offer sturdy support with plush feels! 

1. Headboard with LED lights for that extra oomph factor

Tired of the same old look for your bedroom design? Try adding backlit panels for the headboard, that instantly give the room a detail of sophistication. Additionally, a bedroom design with chic lamps or pendant light fittings with these headboards is always a great idea! 

2. Rattan headboards for making neutrals look classy 

If neutral themes excite you, then woven headboards like rattan would be a good fit for bed designs. These headboards offer a unique style, offering adequate durability as well. Maintaining and cleaning rattan headboards are simple and go a long way. 

3. Patterned headboards for lively bedrooms 

Customise bed headboards with patterns that are fun and pleasant to look at! Choose elegant or quirky fabric prints to add some inspiration. Commission something completely bespoke, or refurbish an existing design with a fun new pattern! 

4. Bring in geometry with these unique headboard designs

Using upholstered headboards can be used in a variety of ways, especially when patterns interest you. Bring in velvety triangles, squares or even circles onto headboard patterns that make a plush statement in modern bedroom designs 

5. For the love of art and craft, get the headboards talking with designs!

Showcase your love for art through headboards! Get creative with attaching abstract art or fabric artwork right above a simple headboard, giving the bed design a creative touch. Incorporating art on bed designs is indeed rare, and hence will get people talking! 

6. Big or small, mirrors on the headboards!

Ditch the ordinary, and style the bed headboard with mirrors. Enhance the brightness of the bedroom design with these headboard designs. On the other hand, it makes the room appear bigger too! Mirror headboards can be made multifunctional by adding drawers to them. Upgrade the style quotient of your bed design with this headboard idea. 

Besides the functionality, bed designs need to be aesthetically pleasing and well customised to suit the theme of the bedroom. Hence, choosing a headboard that fits the size of the bed, and that does not compromise on the material comfort is what matters the most. Bedroom interior designs include the smallest detailing of its elements, so never compromise on the look of bed headboards! 

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Here are six of our favourite headboard designs to draw inspiration from, whether it’s for your new bedroom or the one that needs a makeover. Regardless of the many designs available, here are the ones to save for later

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