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5 Tips to Styling Living Rooms with High Ceilings

Size it Up!

  • Art that Reaches Great Heights 

There’s something about art that’s placed right- it ticks all the right boxes. When making artwork for rooms with high ceilings, think tall. Make sure that the artwork (or gallery of artwork) makes use of the vertical height and draws one’s eyes to the length of the room. 

  • More Windows to the World!

Most homes with high ceilings miss out on one thing- the opportunity to bring double the amount of natural light in. Consider making windows extending from the ceiling to eye-level. 

  • Feature a Feature Wall

Are you considering a feature wall in your living room? Then don’t stop by doing half the job- extend the feature wall all the way up to the ceiling. It really adds a feeling of grandeur and opulence when done right. 

Size it Down!

  • Don’t Take Lighting Lightly

Room lighting can make or break the look of a high ceiling. When the lights are placed higher up, they make the ceiling look a lot farther away than when low-hanging chandeliers or light fixtures are used. Use the right lighting to reduce the length of a double height ceiling. 

  • Furnish Accordingly

The furniture pieces in the living room design also significantly impact how high a ceiling looks. Think of scale when you design. Low seating furniture will increase the length from the seated eye-level to the ceiling elongating the room. However, if you want to size it down, look for higher sofas and armchairs to reduce this height. 

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