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4 Tips to Make the Most of your Modular Kitchen Wall Cabinets

From the kitchen interior designing experts at Bespoke Décor

When you walk into a kitchen, the first things you see at eye-level are wall cabinets, also referred to as upper cabinets or wall-mounted cabinets. Your intention with a kitchen interior remodel would be to improve storage solutions, functionality, and aesthetics and your wall cabinets hold a lot of potential for all of the above.

Wall Cabinets

  • Provide efficient storage solutions for your cooking essentials, utensils, and lighter kitchen appliances;
  • Allow for ergonomic functionality when curated thoughtfully as one needn’t have to bend to access its contents as in the case of base cabinets;
  • Can have their shutter designs easily modified to appear more aesthetic and to suit the tone of your kitchen interiors.

Given their incredible versatility, wall cabinets are, without a doubt, the key to unlocking a major transformation for the better version of your kitchen.
Let’s explore 4 top tips and hacks that our kitchen interior designing experts at Bespoke Décor suggest doing to make the most of your modular kitchen wall cabinets:


Tip #1

Consider installing a loft space above your wall cabinets

This applies especially to those modular kitchens with higher ceilings along with a considerable gap between the top of the wall cabinet and the kitchen ceiling
The empty space above your kitchen wall cabinets has the reputation of being a little awkward. It poses a design and maintenance dilemma- which can easily be resolved with the installation of loft space to stow away those items which you need not use on a daily basis. More storage space plus a design dilemma solved— win-win!


Tip #2

Made to measure

For any place meant for the storage of items, it is futile if it cannot accommodate what it is meant to house. Interior designers working with modular kitchens are keen to hear their client’s requirements before penning down ideas. For your wall cabinets, work backward. Start off the process by planning what you intend on storing in particular cabinets and make them fit those measurements perfectly. Be it a bottle or a vessel that you need to keep in a specific wall cabinet, your kitchen interior designer can plan the internal measurements and shelving of it to ensure maximum benefit.


Tip #3

A wall cabinet opening and closing mechanism that works for your kitchen style and your family

When it comes to the opening and closing mechanisms of wall cabinets, there is a dizzying array of options that may be confusing to a design novice. Keep in mind the tone of the overall kitchen while zeroing in on a particular mechanism. We have all seen the conventional single or double shutter style for wall cabinets, but the market today is flooded with several newer and more interesting ideas for opening and closing mechanisms.For instance, the magnetic push-latch style is one that works with glass and suits a kitchen of a more sophisticated style. Many modular kitchens nowadays employ the awning style for wall cabinets as they prevent the hazard of hitting your head with the door of your cabinet while also being easier to use. Even sliding doors have the same benefits as the awning style in addition to being space-saving.


Tip #4

Give your wall cabinet an upgrade with customised plate racks

For the sake of practicality, it doesn’t make sense for you to stock your regularly used plates away in a drawer or a shelf stacked one over the other. The plate rack is a theme often spotted in country-themed kitchen remodels which works extremely well in almost every kind of kitchen. They save space, avoid catching dust and lend an overall cleaner appearance to the kitchen. There is a popular modification wherein the above-sink wall cabinet with a single shutter is installed with a utensil drying tray and custom plate rack with an open lower border. This prevents the mess that drying utensils create and is an amazingly functional and aesthetic solution, particularly helpful in small kitchens.

Wall cabinets can be tweaked to your individual requirements to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact our designers at +91 90 20 10 70 22 for more details on customising your wall cabinets and modular kitchen.

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