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3 Proven Ways to Organise, Clean & Maintain your Modular Kitchen

Defining your kitchen into zones is a life-changing tip!

Your kitchen speaks for your entire home and also carries your individual personality. A kitchen with spic and span countertops, well-organized cabinets, and efficient use of space is what makes a good modular kitchen design even more attractive.

KonMari Method

Less is always more- this must be your mantra if you have finally decided that it is time to organise your kitchen space- think minimalism. The KonMari Method is one that has gained a lot of popularity since Marie Kondo (who developed the concept) appeared on a Netflix show teaching people to declutter. This method works especially well when you have to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Start by sorting your existing items. Line them up, pick up each one of them and divide them into three groups based on how they make you feel- Keep (if it sparks joy for you), Donate(if it fails to spark joy for you but it has the potential to make someone else happy) or Discard(if you don’t believe it can spark joy for anyone anymore).

After sorting through the items, you will find you have more space and less clutter. Another additional tip would be to not buy any unnecessary items, so as to keep the cost of your kitchen accessories and items low.

Cleaning Schedules for Long-term Maintenance

Set up a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule for yourself and your family. There are many areas of the kitchen that get overlooked if not incorporated into a schedule. There are many charts available online to make your cleaning plan easier. Don’t forget to give a thorough wipe down to those reflective surfaces that show off your kitchen design in all its splendour.

Divide your Kitchen into Zones

If you maintain a regular cleaning and deep-cleaning schedule, your modular kitchen is going to look as good as new for a longer period of time!

For smart optimisation of your kitchen space, split sections of your kitchen into 7 zones:


This is the zone that has the items that you access every day, so it should be easiest to reach and as close to your dishwasher as possible. Position all the cutlery, glassware, and every day serving ware in Zone 1.


This is the zone that contains all the items and appliances required for cooking. It should be situated close to the cooktop surface, be it the stove or oven. This could include measuring equipment, pots, pans, spatulas, and cutting boards.

Zone 3: PANTRY 

This zone stores all dry goods, spices and holds other large kitchen gadgets used infrequently. While most kitchens have a dedicated pantry zone, a few modular kitchens can modify a tall cabinet to function as a pantry.


All food storage is done here and this zone is preferably situated close to the fridge for easier access.


Coffee jars, accessories, barware and beverage glasses can be kept in this area. A few people prefer to have a coffee and bar cart whereas others install a cabinet to house their espresso machines and wire racks tailored for wine bottle storage.


This is the perfect area to store washcloths, soaps, sponges and so on. If you are designing a modular kitchen, speak to your designer to create customized below-sink organizing racks or shelves made to the size of the specific items.


Fragile dinnerware or ornate pots meant for parties and special gatherings can be placed here. This zone is the least frequented one. A crockery unit falls under this category.

Happy Organising! For more assistance and guidance on modular kitchen organising, reach out to Bespoke Decor at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23

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