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The Only Living Room Design Checklist you need

Moving into a new home or randomly deciding to rework the interior design of a house can be a challenging thought. Starting with the most important lounge area of any house design, the living room has all the potential to make a statement by blending the best decorating ideas.

When racking your brain around thinking what to put where, first you have to calm down! We have it covered as the ultimate checklist you need for a neat living room design. Some of the tips may be known to you, but a few points tend to be forgotten. That’s why we urge you to save this article for future reference

Let’s get started with the things that you may almost forget for your modern living room designs!

  • Plants or freshly cut flowers 

There’s nothing more refreshing than fresh flowers or a healthy green plant baby in a living room design. Fresh flowers in a transparent glass vase are a chic decor accent for living room interiors. Plants bring in more colour and personality, maximise the elegance factor and purify the air naturally! 

  • Accent seating 

Living rooms are a place for conversations too! Therefore, when planning to get furniture for the room, invest in accent seating options like ottomans, lounge chairs or wooden seating stools. 

  • Console tables and centre tables

Well, a centre table for living rooms is a hard choice to forget as it serves as one of the main pieces of furniture. Console tables, on the other hand, are sleek tables, making them a perfect fit for narrow spaces in the living room. It can add depth to the walls and can be placed behind sofas. However, if the living room area is smaller in size, go for either one of the tables for a minimalist look.  

  • Light stands and fixtures

We’re fans of letting in natural light, but living room decor without lights is no great shakes for the main room. Choose an overhead chandelier for living rooms with large spaces, pendant lights for minimalist living room designs, table lamps for a touch of traditionalism, designer floor lamps for modernity and if you like, a backlight for the artwork on the walls! 

  • Rugs 

We recommend layering rugs in sprawling living room designs to create tiny chambers within the space. For small living room ideas, rugs are not compulsory as they can make the area look smaller. Choose rugs based on the floor type, size and definitely the design of the living room

  • Window coverings

Drapes, curtains or blinds- whatever feels best for the weather in your location. Wooden blinds are a great addition to modern living rooms. Drapes are thicker than curtains, hence choosing a fabric that suits the climate is of utmost importance. Choose fabric styles that complement the living room interior design. Don’t forget the maintenance properties! 

  • Sofa (or sectional) and throw pillows 

Save this for the last, because we know you wouldn’t forget. The essential element you should never compromise on is a sofa or a sectional couch that serves functionality as well as style. 

The upholstery should be chosen according to its maintenance features and of course, a colour that matches the interior design. Add a splash of your personal style with throw pillows for the sofa or sectional couch.

  • Additional decor accents 

How about a large painting for the wall? Or a few coffee table books? Anything that describes the serenity of a living room can be used as decor accents- on the wall, floor, tables or shelves. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas for decorative accents that can suit any living room design. Secretly, we love the idea of trendy wall mirrors in modular living rooms! 

We know our list is basic but an essential ingredient to living room makeovers. As homeowners, you may identify what’s most important, determine new components to keep and select which elements can be eliminated. Just take the time to revise your list by using this checklist! 

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