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10 Living Room redecoration ideas that won’t exceed your budget!

When you think of redecorating a living room, you think of the big stuff- the sofa, the entertainment system and display cabinets. Now, changing or upgrading the big stuff means needing a big budget. 

If you want to keep things within a limited budget and still redecorate the room to exude all new vibes, here are some budget-friendly living room decorating tips: 

From the windows: 

1. Curtains or blinds for the living room 

If you want a major change at a minor expense, one of the first things to upgrade is how the windows are framed. We’re talking curtains and blinds. 

To the walls: 

2. Wallpaper or wall painting or tiles for living room 

Switching up the walls in a room makes a budget-friendly marked change to overall design. This could be with refreshing the wallpaper (explore newer colours and patterns), wall paintings or murals and even tiles for the living room. 

3. Paintings for a colourful living room 

The key to a colourful living room is to invest in a few good paintings. These vibrant masterpieces could be sourced from local artists for budget-friendly prices and they could really change up the overall look of your space. Do justice to the piece by complementing it with the right lighting.

They’re a good opportunity to decide how much light to let into the room and change up the colour palette that is existent. We feel like blinds are very classy and contemporary while curtains with drapes offer a regal look to a room. Based on what your vision for the room is, make a decision accordingly.

To the floors: 

4. Carpets for the living room

A plush rug or a carpet in the right colour scheme can add a lot of visual interest in the room while also giving a layer of elegance and comfort. They may be a little pricey, based on their make but you could very well find economical pieces that have a similar effect. 

A tip from us would be to get two medium sized rugs and layer them for a classy look.

And the ceilings: 

5. Chandelier for living room 

Light fixtures have the ability to transform how the room looks and feels, especially when evening comes. Head to a local market to get a beautiful piece at a lower cost than you would at a showroom. If a chandelier is too extravagant for your space, get a modern light fixture instead. 

6. Ceiling crown moulding 

Add a whole new layer of architectural interest to your living room with luxury ceiling crown moulding. 

To the furniture: 

7. TV cabinet designs for living room 

The television is a must-have for many people in their living room design. Upgrade the look of your room with a simple upgrade of your entertainment system. A bespoke TV cabinet design for your living room is surely recommended. 

8. Upgrading living room colours 

A colourful living room can be achieved with even minimal changes. You don’t have to repaint walls to get a visual difference. Pick a few throw cushions of that hue, have art and showpieces that offer that pop of colour and make sure that your rug ties it all in. 

9. Centre & side tables for the living room 

If you don’t want to upgrade the sofa, changing the centre and side tables in the living room can also make a marked difference. Nesting tables are a stylish and modern approach. There are so many options to consider when it comes to centre and side tables for the living room. Remember to style them well and tie them into the desired colour theme too. 

10. Living room partition design

And last, but not least, get a stunning new living room partition design to designate zones within your floor plan. 

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