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Planning on refurbishing your kitchen but can’t decide what to buy?

You don’t have to spend too much time online browsing and visit the many kitchen appliance stores around your city, wondering what to get. We have the perfect guide for you.

Built-in kitchen appliances are the ones that are a part of your modular kitchen design and are integrated into your kitchen forever. Imagine a modular kitchen replete with seamless wooden built-in smart kitchen appliances, like a refrigerator built-in to a wooden cabinet and a similar concealed oven area.

A modular kitchen design with made-to-fit kitchen appliances has many advantages:

Let’s look at each appliance in detail:


Refrigerators in modular kitchens are of the following types:

1. Integrated refrigerators:

These types of refrigerators fit perfectly inside the allotted cabinet and camouflage into the modular kitchen design. They are seamless and blend in with your other cabinets. A fridge and freezer combination where the freezer can be on the top or on the bottom of the fridge is ideal for any kitchen. A minibar or wine storage area can also be placed in a similar fashion.

2. Panel ready/ overlay refrigerators:

These are placed inside a panel designed for the refrigerator area and are not that seamless with a modular kitchen design. They sit in a measured space and are quite conspicuous.


Microwaves are used to reheat foods and are a common addition to Indian households. They can vary largely in size and functionality. A basic model may only be used to reheat foods while advanced models available in the market today can function as ovens as well. It is important to ascertain your needs and the space you have before getting a separate microwave or a 2-in-1 option with baking capabilities.


A modern hob has proven to be superior to the traditional gas stove seen in most Indian homes as they conserve space, are safer, and boast sleek designs. Consider the top brands like Faber, Bosch, Elica, Kaff, Glen, and Siemens which offer high-quality hobs. However, if you’d like to go the traditional route and have a cooktop with an oven in-built, think of getting a cooking range instead. This may occupy more space and not look as sophisticated, though.


Ovens can be the traditional ones or microwave ovens. For an avid baker, a traditional oven with convection is more suitable. Oven-toaster-grills or OTGs are also a good option for kitchens with space limitations.


Chimneys are placed above the hob and can be of many different types with various types of filters. They are an integral part of Indian homes as most of our cooking renders smoke and scents. The best brands for kitchen chimneys in India are Faber, Bosch, Elica, Sleek, Glen, Kaff, and Siemens.


A dishwasher is one of the best kitchen appliances, which is still only starting to make an appearance in the Indian market. An in-built dishwasher saves time and effort. Dishwashers come in three types depending on their size-

  1. Full-sized dishwashers are designed for large kitchens and it saves energy as well as helps in conserving water. It can be freestanding or integrated. The in-built one is the integrated type.
  2. Compact dishwashers are smaller and are used only for very small kitchens which cater to one or two people. It is no bigger than a microwave, so it is a real space saver. 
  3. Slimline dishwashers are designed for small kitchens. They can wash a few items at a time without taking up much space and do not help in conserving water.

Invest wisely in smart kitchen appliances that improve functionality, look aesthetic and save space while adapting to your modular kitchen design. Contact Bespoke Decor for more information.

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